Five steps to a healthier life

Today we are fighting a constant battle of having a healthier life. With the rise of diabetes and obesity it’s up to us take care of our own health. There is so much information related to health and fitness that it is overwhelming at times. What I have provided is five simple steps you can take to better your health.


  1. Love yourself.

    We are our toughest critics; this is just human nature. We are always telling ourselves we are not good enough for this or incapable of accomplishing this and that. Rather than letting ourselves talk ourselves down, work on encouraging yourself and talking yourself up every day. Begin every day with a complement towards yourself, this can range from how you did your hair or reading the first chapter of a new book you’ve been wanting to read, self-encouragement leads to self-love.Often times we are left with the stigma of being selfish is a bad thing. I actually disagree, I encourage people to be selfish to an extent. We cannot make everyone happy, it is difficult to please everyone, so we find ourselves in a constant battle of putting ourselves last to make someone else happy. I’m not discouraging you from helping other people, but it can be very overwhelming pleasing everyone. Gather the courage to politely say no once in a while, this way you don’t always feel obligated to put yourself second.

  1. Move more. 

    There is a term that you may or may not be familiar with and that is “Active Sedentary”, so you are active during your day, but only for a set amount of time. So how can we add more movement into our day without over doing it? I always encourage five to ten minutes of movement every hour. I am guilty of being only active for my training sessions and going home to lie on my couch and read books or sit at my desk for quite some time working on projects or homework. So I began to notice the negative effect it was having on my posture and mobility, so I have combated my Active Sedentary lifestyle with movement every hour.Become more creative with how you can implement more movement into your day. This can be as simple as squatting down to look at the bottom of the pantry to sitting on the floor while you watch Netflix rather than sitting on the couch. Making slight adjustments as to how you do things begin to add more benefit for your health. A prime example is the one above of watching Netflix on the floor, you will be constantly moving around to find a comfortable position and not submitting to the comfy couch of sedentary.


  2. Eat for health. 

    Nutrition is such a tricky thing to speak about because everyone has a different approach, different eating habits, different diets, and so much more things. We often look at eating because we are hungry, bored, at a social event, emotional, etc. A factor that we overlook is that eating can be done for our health, the benefits of having a colorful nutritional intake is such an important factor to our health. Once we are able to eat for health and reap the benefits of what dense food and leaner meats can do for us, our lives become easier by ridding ourselves of the foods that give us a gross sluggish feeling after consumption.How can you begin to improve your health with food? Eating more fruits and vegetables along with leaner meats is the right answer, but let’s skip that answer and write in our own. Begin with making baby steps, I mean imagine we are in the womb and we are just kicking, that small of a step. So rather than bombarding yourself with a large amount of healthy foods you hate, just make one meal healthy out of your day and make that a habit for a week or two or until it gets easy, then move on to a new habit. I will be discussing habit changing in another article that will cover the process of a healthier eating.

  3. Hydrate yourself. 

    I’m actually shocked by the amount of water people don’t drink. I can write a whole book as to what the benefits of water consumption can do for you, but I’ll save that for a rainy day. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily helps with weight loss and feeling better. It reduces the amount of extra calories we take in from drinking pop (soda depending where you are from) and also provides energy to the muscles once they are hydrated.If you are someone who despises the taste of water let’s get creative and find ways to introduce it more frequently. I encourage teas or MIO’s to add into your water, this will help you get rid in the water you need, but making it look sexy with a hint of strawberry watermelon. Another way to incorporate more water and keep yourself hydrated is to start your day with a glass of water, this way you wake yourself up and start your day hydrated. Water is an essential and we need to push more into our days, invest in a water bottle and make it your best friend.


  4. Do something you love. 

    We are so busy with work, school, family, daily chores, and everything else we can find to put our time into. With our society always being on the go and hardly finding time to ourselves we put things we love doing aside and never get to them. I strongly encourage you to being to get a planner and plan your day out, with your day being planned out find a 15 minute to 60-minute block for yourself. This time block is to be made for yourself specifically to do something you really enjoy whether it be watching a TV show, reading a book, learning a new skill, etc. do something you love for yourself.When you begin to make time for yourself you’ll rekindle old feelings of self-appreciation by doing something you really love. Once you have found a time to make for yourself really enjoy what you are doing. This is a time set aside for yourself to relax and let go of the busy world that you are surrounded in. Doing something you love is like treating yourself daily with something that is needed for essential health.


There are many ways to lead a healthier life, but it all begins with you. Take the initiative to be living a healthier life. Having a healthier life doesn’t always need to revolve around fitness, it can also be related to your own mental health as well. Find one of these steps you really liked and begin to incorporate it in small doses to your life.

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