What MovNat Has Taught Me

If you are unfamiliar with MovNat, let me explain it to you in my own perception. MovNat is a system that approaches fitness in a unique way, we look at reestablishing movements such as running, balancing, climbing, crawling, throwing, catching, lifting, and many other things that we are capable of doing and integrating them into a fitness program. This system isn’t new, what we teach are fundamental movements that we have been doing for a long time, but as we age we have a tendency of finding ourselves further away from these things. What makes this approach so different from any other system, is how it approaches fitness in a unique way.


I attended my Level One MovNat certification April 2015, and fell in love with what they taught and spoke about. I would then pursue my Level Two and Three in 2016, furthering my knowledge on the system. During my Level Two I had a talk with instructor Kellen Milad, on the practical approach of the system. One thing that stuck with me during our conversation was Kellen saying “MovNat is more than just going through the motions and getting a workout, it’s about creating a relationship with movement.” This would forever change my approach to applying MovNat to my training and philosophy.

MovNat Level One

Being Prepared- At our level three course one of the tests was to carry our partner for period of time, this would mean crossing through water and making our way up hills. Having the knowledge on how to properly carry someone, would make this task less daunting. We look at training for life, not just physical appearance, we want to be strong to be helpful. This is what allows for our training to have a purpose.


You may never know when you may need to save someone from drowning or having to chase after your child after they run towards traffic after a temper tantrum. Having the skills and the ability to complete these tasks make life easier. The likelihood of us being exposed to these situations are low, but it’s always good to be prepared. We live in uncontrolled environments, we never know when we will need to save a life or be in a situation that requires us to be strong, so why not be prepared?


Mindfulness- When we get comfortable, we go through the motions, we lose our connection with what we are doing and kind of, just do it. Once we begin to own a technique or a skill, we know what’s expected, we anticipate what it will feel like and how it will be done. We blindly move and forget to take into consideration the fact that our mind is a large component when it comes to moving. MovNat has a big emphasis on mindful movement, this allows us to feel, think, move, and have control of what our body is doing, rather than just moving to move.


Since I began my practice of MovNat, my kinesthetic sense has increased immensely. Taking the time to control your breathing and mindfully moving has carried over to other skills. I take the time to think over what I am doing, if it’s crawling on a 2×4, swinging a kettlebell, squatting, etc. the concept of mindfully mastering the skill is always there. Once you begin to engage your brain in training, you will begin to see new changes in both your physical and mental state.



Balance- MovNat took me out of every comfort zone I could hid in, and exposed to me new areas of fitness I would never have found myself in. This has helped me balance out all areas of fitness, MovNat takes into consideration mobility, strength, conditioning, balance, precision, and many other areas. Many people ignore some of these areas, they put a greater emphasis towards one area and develop deficiencies, that in time could lead towards potential injuries. All of these areas of fitness are covered by the MovNat system, having balance in all these areas makes for a well-rounded mover.


Prior to adopting this system, I would admit that I neglected a majority of these areas, I was heavily focused on power lifting and would put everything else aside. Once I began to train for level two, I started to change my focus towards kettlebells and movement. Since then I have picked up running (something that I had never done before for fun), climbing, balance work, mobility, and variations of exercises that I wouldn’t have ever done. MovNat took me into new areas that have made my fitness more well-rounded and has improved my overall strength.


Mental Health- Gaining new health in a mental aspect is something I didn’t expect to happen. There is something about being in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere, it gives me peace and balance. I look forward to sessions that I train outside for the fact that I am by myself in the quiet wilderness, nature is your music, and animals moving freely through the woods are the other members. There is no pressure of other people staring at you, or getting in the way of your training, it’s just you and your environment.


I always have been an outdoorsy kid growing up, I spent a lot of time playing in the woods at my parent’s house. When I found MovNat it brought be back to a nostalgic time of my life, where I would unintentionally be training, while having the time of my life. Being able to train your brain to find new ways to train outdoors, allows for you to engage some critical thinking, it’s a way to challenge yourself on how you will do a movement in a different type of environment.  I have found that training outdoors has given my mind peace, it allows for me to unload the stress of a busy environment and brings me to place that allows me to relive my childhood.


Community- This has to be my absolute favorite part of being in this amazing organization,the community. Every MCT I have met either in person or online has been so helpful, from supporting content, giving tips on how to pass your certification, to cleaning up technique, or just giving out advice, the MovNat Tribe is there for you! I was so excited to have attended my level three with the people I did, it was a life changing experience that bonded us all together. I cherished every moment I spent with these amazing people, and soaked in all the knowledge they had to share.

MovNat Level Three

The dynamic duo of Danny and Kellen leading the workshop made for a memorable experience. The workshop they lead was something that I had never experienced before. Watching Abby Clark (First Female Team Instructor) work through the rigorous tests was very inspiring, having Aaron Baulch give advice on respecting your body and knowing your limits to prevent potential injuries was important, the support of Tom Brady who helped with keeping motivated throughout the weekend was encouraging, and just the unconditional love and support from everyone else there was extravagant! All of these great people have really helped me understand what MovNat really is, a Tribe, a family, a community of movers.


If you would like to find out more about MovNat, please contact me or visit www.movnat.com for future workshops and certifications. MovNat is more than working out, it’s not about cool fancy tricks or training outside just to be different. It’s about having a holistic approach to fitness that embodies all modalities of training. It’s about becoming a member of a tribe that values and cherishes people’s full potentials.




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