Rebells of the Month: Kaleb Welvaert & Mason Plante

With great pride and pleasure I would like to introduce everyone to our first Rebells of the month! Kaleb and Mason have been members since we first opened, they are the first ones to have joined our tribe. Both Kaleb and Mason are amazing athletes, they excel in hockey, golf (Mason), and baseball (Kaleb). Both of these young talented athletes have taken their performance to a whole new level since beginning their training here at Restored Strength. Here is their spotlight moment!

Kaleb & Mason

Your background

Kaleb: I personally love training. I have been lifting weights since 6th grade and have not stopped. I more so train in the summer because that is offseason for hockey.

Mason: I am an athlete year-round, whether its hockey or golf, I’m always trying to find something to do. Coming to the jungle I looked to gain my speed for hockey and work on my hand-eye coordination for golf. I don’t have much of a background in training, I went by what programs my coaches gave me that’s about it.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

 Kaleb: Before training at Restored Strength I had no clue what I was going to do this summer for training. I am fortunate enough to have family members that support me in everything I do. My grandma notified me about Restored Strength and suggested I get into it.

Mason: My thoughts before I started training were that I was ready to get after it, I plan on furthering my hockey or golf career into college and I was ready to start getting after it! After training I feel so comfortable, it’s like I’m on my own cloud now, it has helped me so much, golfing is just starting and my swing is near perfect!

Challenging barriers you overcame

Kaleb: The only challenge I have had while training at Restored Strength is the early morning wake ups. I finally mastered the IT band while foam rolling! Through very tough mornings and awful facial expressions, I have finally been excited to work my IT band.

Mason: We train in the mornings, I’m not much of a morning person, but doing this made me stronger too. It forced me to make sure I get up because I can’t pass this amazing offer on making me a better athlete.

Mason & Grandpa Harold

Greatest achievement

Kaleb: My greatest achievement would have to be my balance. At the beginning, I had a very tough time staying sturdy on the ice. I told William my biggest goal is to get better balance, he has done nothing, but excel me in this particular area. 


Mason: I think my balance and speed have been there along with my willingness to not give up, something that I know has helped me is drinking a lot of water. I never really drank water until I came to the jungle, but when William told me the effects it can have, I started drinking a lot more.

Changes your family/friends noticed

 Kaleb: I didn’t tell my family my goals because I wanted them to see if they noticed any differences. After one of my hockey games, my family members asked me if I was working on my balance at the gym and I was proud to say YES! I am happy when people notice that I am improving. I hope to do nothing, but excel from where I am now in the future. 

Mason: They have mostly noticed how much I take care of my body. I am starting to get proper food and water, and most importantly sleep.

What do you tell people about our training

Kaleb: You tell William your goals and he will help you achieve them, that is the moral of the story. I have done more than exceed from his exercises and I hope to continue to do so. I love the way he teaches and coaches us through everything. William knows his stuff, if I have a question about “What this exercise is working” or “What this exercise will do for me”, William always has an answer for any questions I have.

Kaleb warming up for deadlifts

Mason: William knows exactly what he is talking about here, he knows what you can do to achieve your goals, and he knows how to help you achieve them. They treat you so good here!

What do you enjoy about training here

Kaleb: I personally am a huge fan of the new programs every four weeks. I have only done 12-week program workouts in the past and I would become bored with them after a while. I like that each person has their own individual workout that is specific to their goals.

 Mason: I like the amount of confidence William gives us, he understands how good of athletes we can be, and he wants to make us the best athlete we can be.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

Kaleb: 1. Balance- I have improved my balance x1000 since training at Restored Strength. 2. Mobility- I am now able to move faster in change of direction. This has helped so much in hockey, which is my focus. 3. Explosiveness- William has me doing sprinting drills and change of direction drills that have helped a ton. All 3 of my benefits work together as one to help me exceed in my hockey career.


Mason: 1. I noticed my eating and drinking habits have gotten better. 2. I noticed that I have more confidence in myself and I’m working to the best of my ability. 3. My mobility is way better and I have a steady structure.

What makes the difference

Kaleb: I have not had any other trainers, but I have done many workout programs unlike the ones at Restored Strength. They both have their ups and downs, but I like Restored Strength more because William applies plyometric exercises in with muscle building lifts.

Mason: He treats us as an individual, he understands what WE need to work on and he puts that into his plan to make us the best we can be.

Additional words

Mason: Treat him well!!

Kaleb and Mason have serious passion and commitment towards achieving their goals and becoming the best athletes they can be. I take great pride in working with such great and talented youths like themselves. They arrive early and put in the work without being asked to do so. I have enjoyed working with these two from our training sessions, watching their games, and just enjoying their company. These boys will do great and amazing things in their future as athletes, I am proud to be a part of their journey to greatness.