Rebell of the Month: Jordan Roedl

Jordan is our Rebell of the month for March! Jordan joined us soon after we opened, since then she has done nothing but crush PR’s and make great progress. Jordan is a very fun and upbeat member of our tribe, she brings a lot of character and excitement when she comes in for her training. Hard work and commitment to getting better is what has contributed to her success at the jungle. Here is her spotlight moment!

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Your background

Can you tell me a about yourself and your background of training?  I played some sports throughout my earlier years of high school. Later I came to love spending time strength training at the gym every day.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I have always liked to train and watch myself grow stronger, but had very little knowledge of how to efficiently train. I used to spend hours and hours working hard to see mediocre results. Now I understand that there are more efficient ways to work out and that you can see better results from using good form and not putting so much strain on the body.


Jordan focusing on the Turkish Get-Up


Challenging barriers you overcame

I feel I have really overcome a lot of insecurities. Before I started training at Restored Strength I looked at their Facebook page every day for almost a month trying to work up the courage to contact them and after I did I barely had the courage to actually show up. Now I look forward to going there every week because it’s the place I really feel my strongest.


Greatest achievement

When I first came in for training I could barely press 10lbs. Now after a couple weeks I have seen a ton of improvement. I don’t know the exact numbers but it’s a considerable amount more.

Changes your family/friends noticed

I think they have all noticed how much stronger I have gotten and how much more confident I have become.

Family Photo
Boyfriend Gage & Pet Hedgehog Nut


What do you tell people about our training

I would tell them that I can’t explain how much it will actually change their day to day life and how worthwhile it is . Everyday aches and pains start to fade, your confidence level increases, you have more energy, it’s just so worth it.

What you enjoy about training here

I like that William makes training so fun and easy. He’s super encouraging and able to push you to your limits, but never pushes too far, all while ensuring you’re using correct technique and form.


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Enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I have notice a huge decrease in my chronic low back pain and migraines. Before this would keep me from sleep as well as performing daily activities to the best of my ability or even not at all.
  2. I have so much strength in my arms I never had before. This definitely improves my life and performance at my job as a Massage Therapist.
  3. I have also seen a huge increase in my confidence. This has improved my life in so many ways there isn’t enough page to describe it.

What makes the difference

Training at restored strength is different because your fitness plan is so personalized.  Whatever mountain your personally trying to climb at the time, your fitness plan is right there to map out your path to success. When that mountain has been climbed, your fitness plan is just altered to stay above your old challenge and to fit your new challenge.

Rocking the awesome cat shirt


Additional words

I just want to say if you are thinking about trying out Restored Strength just do it. Try it out. It’s a great gym with a fun environment and an excellent trainer. It will improve your life in ways you would not expect and it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to better yourself it’s always a good day to take a step in the right direction.

Jordan has really grown since starting here, her strength and confidence has grown immensely. There is a great sense of pride when it comes to the achievements she has been able to accomplish here. One of my favorite things about working with Jordan is when we get to nerd out on our favorite show The Walking Dead, we have a mutual agreement not to spoil the show for each other if we fall behind on episodes.  Jordan has taken herself out of her comfort zone and has crafted her skills in strength. I am excited to see what the future has in store for her as a student of strength.