Rebell of the Month: Kevin Knight

Kevin is our Rebell of the month for April! From teacher to student, Kevin used to be my tae kwon do instructor, so when he came him into the jungle to become a rebell it was a very exciting moment for me. Kevin comes in with such a dynamic background of being a tae kwon do instructor to being a high-level endurance athlete. Since working with Kevin it’s been such a pleasure to get to know him on a personal level, his sense of humor and love for unique foods is always a topic of discussion. I am excited to share with you all the hard work that Kevin has put in these past few months!


Your Background

I’ve always been active, from playing high school sports and track in college.  Once out of college I started taking tae kwon do classes at Lee’s TKD as a means to stay in shape.  About 5 years ago, I started competing in triathlons and running races.  But during this time, I’ve never incorporated strength training as part of my training routine.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I’ve never had a strong interest in strength training in the past. But I knew that it was something I needed to address, especially as I aged.  During the off-season, I wanted to address some weaknesses, specifically in my swim and run.  By communicating those goals to William, we’ve setup a program that will target those areas of the body.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.11.34 PM
Mastering the pull up

Challenging barriers you overcame

 The main barrier has been balancing strength training with my triathlon training.  It took a few weeks for the body to adapt to adding strength training to the endurance training. 

 Greatest achievement

Within the first three months of training at Restored Strength, I have already noticed significant improvement in my swim.  I’ve also noticed less fatigue and soreness in my feet and quads near the end of a long run.

Kevin and his nephew after the Minneapolis Life Time Tri.

 Changes your family/friends noticed

 I’ve noticed more size and definition in my muscles, especially in my shoulders and lats.  But most importantly is how I feel.  I’ve had a lot less aches and pains in my legs and back as I teach every night.  Typically, by the end of night, my low back and legs were achy and all I wanted to do was sit.  With the increased strength in my legs and lower back, I’ve noticed a decrease in this soreness each night.

Wife Kristin

What do you tell people about our training

I would encourage anyone to not be afraid or shy about their current fitness and to just start.  William will work with you to set goals and a plan to make improvements in your health.  It doesn’t matter if you’re already an athlete or someone who has rarely worked out.  It’s all about your goals and feeling good about yourself as you make improvements.

What you enjoy about training here

I like the approach that William has in developing training programs for his clients.  It’s not a cookie-cutter approach where everyone is doing the same exercises.  Plus, I like that he is regularly asking for my feedback in regards to whether we are meeting my goals.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.13.24 PM
Focused during bent rows

 3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I’ve gained a better understanding of how the body works together, whether it’s lifting a kettle bell or walking down the street. This body awareness helps me analyze how my triathlon training is progressing.
  2. I’ve also noticed that my body recovers quicker after hard training.
  3. The increased strength helps, but also being more aware of proper nutrition and hydration and how it affects your recovery.

What makes the difference

 This is the first time I’ve used a trainer for strength training.  In the past I’ve tried following strength plans from magazines or online, but I didn’t enjoy it so I never stuck with the training plans for more than a month or two.  For the first time, I’ve enjoyed strength training and look forward to the workouts each week.

 Additional words

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working with William.  He has great knowledge and has the ability to get you to work to your best abilities.  He makes training fun and when training is fun, it’s something you’ll continue to do.  We only have one body and we should strive to keep as active as we can as we grow older.

Kevin has improved his strength in many ways, his mobility has improved significantly as well. One thing that has really been noticeable about Kevin is his work ethic, he refuses to give up when things have gotten tough. We enjoy sharing exercises that will not only help benefit himself, but his students as well. There have been many times we have discussed movements that he can begin introducing into his classes, something his students have learned to love :). Kevin takes the time to fully understand and master the movements we go through. It’s been a pleasure being the teacher of someone who once taught me how to move.

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