Rebell of the Month: Dylan Criquet-Danielson

Dylan is our Rebell of the Month for May! Dylan has been training with us now for a few months and since then we have been able to see significant changes in his size, strength, and his athletic ability. Hard work is not a unknown term to Dylan, he is one of the hardest working rebells here at the jungle. There have been times that Dylan has shown up before me at the jungle, this athlete knows what it takes to get better and puts in the work. Here is his story!

Home run swing against JCC in the Big South Section Championship game.​


Your Background

I currently graduated from Marshall High School. My future plans are to attend the University of Oklahoma to major in health and exercise science and play baseball for the Sooners. I’ve always had a love for athletics and want to have it involved in my daily life.  I look to eventually become a chiropractor. As I’ve grown up playing hockey and baseball, I’ve been in the weight room to get bigger and stronger. I’ve worked mostly on my own throughout my years of weight training, but I once worked with another trainer for a short period of time.


Thoughts about strength training before & after

Since I’ve been lifting for many years, I had a pretty good background to strength training. I was very familiar with squatting and benching with dumbbells and barbells, but when I got to Restored Strength all I saw were kettlebells. At first I was shocked to see that, because I’ve never thought of lifting with kettlebells before. As I started working with them I learned a lot about them and that they can be just as impactful as dumbbells and barbells.

Kettlebell Swings with the 32 kg bell 

Challenging barriers you overcame

Like I said before, the thought and training with kettlebells was a new thing to me. I wasn’t used to it at first and some of the exercises were difficult. I struggled a lot with the bottom up press at first. I couldn’t keep the kettlebell up for my whole set but as I got stronger I was able to keep it up.

Greatest achievement

My biggest achievement while being at Restored Strength is no doubt my increase in deadlift. When I first started working out there my deadlift was at about 275lbs. After about 3 months of working out I’ve increased it to 340lbs. Another big achievement is that I’ve put on 15lbs as well. The main reason I went to Restored Strength was to put on weight because I was struggling to do so on my own. I’ve done exactly what I wanted since working with William.

340 pound deadlift 

Changes your family/friends noticed

Weight gain has been the most noticeable change, as I have filled out my body with lean muscle mass.

What do you tell people about our training

I would recommend them to do it. I would tell them that if they’re trying to take their performance to a whole new level I’d suggest working with William. The knowledge he has about training, recovery, nutrition, etc. can do exactly that. The customer service there is great and makes the experience that much better.

Me signing my NLI to the University of Oklahoma.​

What do you enjoy about training here

 I have enjoyed being able to work with a trainer one on one.  This has been a key factor in the progress I have made. William cares about his clients and their goals, and encourages you to keep working towards them.  He personalizes every workout, tailoring it to what you need to get to the next level.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. Weight gain
  2. Increase in deadlift
  3. Improved mobility and strength.

All these things have helped me to feel stronger, and has improved my game of baseball.

What makes the difference

The biggest difference is the personalized programs, along with William’s energy and motivation. He is passionate about his work and wants to see me make improvements.  He continues with his own training and learning in order to further benefit his clients. I personally have benefited from his knowledge and feel that I have a greater understanding of strength training.

My parents (Carlos and Jennifer) and I vising Pepperdine in Malibu, CA.

Additional words

Marshall is lucky to have a place like Restored Strength. I highly recommend working with William if you have specific goals you want to reach, or if you just need someone to keep you motivated.

It is an honor to be working with such a young talented man like Dylan. I see nothing but success in his future and his career. I have learned so much from Dylan about sports and about his different experiences with teams and coaches. As Dylan prepares his transition into playing division one baseball for Oklahoma State, I have no doubt that he will be great addition to the team. Seeing Dylan grow and mature through these past few months have been very rewarding, I look forward to seeing all of the accomplishments this young man is capable of doing.

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