Rebell of the Month: Troy Deutz

Troy is our Rebell of the month for June! Troy is one of our hardest working athlete at the jungle. The dynamic background of always being an active athlete throughout his life definitely shows when Troy comes in for his training sessions. Bouncing back and forth from current and past injuries, Troy has made some significant changes in his life to help him retain his resiliency. Here is his story!


Troy doing what he does best, being an auctioneer. 



Your background

I reside in Marshall with my wife, Liz & my two dogs, Max & Harper. Liz is a hairstylist in town & is from Lake Crystal, MN. We have been married for two years! I work for Syngenta as a District Sales Manager, I auctioneer & farm through our family business. I hope to gain my realtors license in the near future.

My training started to become more serious when I went from 292.5 lbs. my freshmen year of college to a healthy 200 now. I used to write my own programing from my brother but would fall off the bandwagon. Now I am enjoying my structured training with William & the results! 

 Thoughts about strength training before & after

I have always been pro strength training, but I now realize how many small things that I was doing wrong. This lead to a lot of dysfunctions in my day-to-day life & now I am hardly experiencing that pain.

Deadlifting the beast

Challenging barriers you overcame

Teaching myself that fast & hard does not get you the results you want. Slowing down, breathing & focus on technique has given me a better base.

The Deutz Family 

Greatest achievement

 Dropping 23 lbs. & 4% body fat would be the easy answer but, training with William is refreshing & an amazing escape for my mind & body.

Changes your family/friends noticed 

I have become leaner while building muscle, but my injuries are less frequent & my energy is better!

Troy and his wife Liz


What do you tell people about our training

 If you need a spark on your training or truly want to get better, you need to see William & see what you are missing out on.

 What do you enjoy about training here

 I mean, muscles!

Working on rocking


3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I have improved my golf distance due to my range of motion being increased.
  2. I have improved in all sports due to overall muscle mass & cardio.
  3. LESS INJURIES, making my body feel stronger & me more confident.

What makes the difference

William cares about each & every individual that steps through his door. He takes the time to get to know you, your body & uses that to sculpt an appropriate plan of attack.

 Additional words

 If you care about investing in yourself, this is the best money you could possibly invest!

When it comes to hard work Troy is not one to shy away from it, he has had some setbacks from prior injuries, but has always came back stronger than before. Every time he walks into our facility Troy gives 110 percent effort of making sure he is accomplishing his goals. Our sessions consist of serious training, nonsense with bands, getting educated on sports and farming, and great times. Troy takes his training serious and it’s been such a pleasure to work with such a dedicated athlete.

Watch Troy’s Story