Rebell of the Month: Norma Streich

Norma is our Rebell of the month for September! Norma has not only excelled in getting stronger, but she has also been crushing it body composition wise as well! She has mentioned how pant and shirt sizes keep going down and how easier chores have been going. Norma is no stranger when it comes to exercise, she has spent a lot of time working with the Exercise Science students, participating in their Schawns Practice Client Program. Seeing Norma excel in her strength has been an absolute pleasure. Here is her story!


Your background

I was very active in the past, walking, playing softball & volleyball and working out.  On vacation, I always tried to get in some hiking.  I had some medical issues about 14 years that restricted my activity.  It took a while to resolve those issues and I have been trying to get back into shape ever since.  Mainly I worked out at the YMCA (mainly cardio) and each semester I was working out with an exercise science students at SMSU (strength training).

 Thoughts about strength training before & after

I enjoy strength training, but didn’t focus on it until I started spending time with the students at SMSU.  Prior to that it was often using machines and I wasn’t getting the full benefit.  I truly enjoy my training at Restored Strength and have seen great results in a short period of time.  It is also a great way to relief stress.  Who knew I would learn to love the ropes.

Twin’s game, left to right is myself, Lori Skewes, Kristi Radtke & Renae Drake.

Challenging barriers you overcame 

Reverse Lunges – I have bad knees and was terrified every time I had to do lunges.  I kept thinking I was going to fall (which I did a couple of times and scared William).  Thanks to the positive support of William and fellow rebells I can do reverse lunges and they are getting easier each time.

Norma doing reverse lunges.

 Greatest achievement

 Smooth lunges without falling & reading Game of Thrones.

 Changes your family/friends noticed

 My energy level is probably the change most of my family & friends have noticed.  I have more energy to do things and I am happier because I feel better.  Also, I don’t have to sit and watch everyone else do things.  I can participate in activities.

Family picture is from my niece Melissa’s wedding.  Back row left to right are my brothers Paul & Larry, Dad (Emil) & my brother Mark.  Front row is myself & my Mom (Caroline).

 What do you tell people about our training

 When I refer friends, I tell them Restored Strength is a positive environment, where you can do your training, improve your health and have fun.  The training is focused on you and where you are at, not a general training that everyone has to do.  William & Tyler are both very encouraging and helpful, adjusting the training as needed.  The other rebells I workout with are great people, very positive and we encourage each other no matter what level of training we are at.

What do you enjoy about training here

The people, the positive energy and how good I feel after my training.

3 benefits you’ve noticed 

Sorry but I can’t just list three.

1). Energy level is up.

2). My balance continues to improve which is a good thing when you have bad knees.

3). I’m getting stronger physically.

4). I need some new clothes since some are getting too big!!!

Norma doing some rows.

What makes the difference

The personal attention, training program and focus you receive from William and now Tyler.  In the past, a trainer would take you through the weight machines once and after that you were on your own.  Or, I would work with a student at SMSU, start working through a program and the semester would be over so it would be up to me to keep going on my own.  The next semester a new student would start over with a new program. William started me on a program and as my strength increases he gives me new challenges.  I love taking on the challenges and seeing what is next.

Additional words

 I was a skeptic when I joined Restored Strength.  I thought I would try it for a couple of months and when nothing happened I would try something else.  Guess what?  I’m still there and I look forward to my training.  I just found out I have another medical issue to deal with and what upset me most was I won’t be able to keep doing my training while I recover.  Joining Restored Strength and working with William was one of the best decisions I have made for my health.

Norma is one of the hardest working rebells here! When we had first started, balance and control was a very challenging thing to overcome, there was an incident where Norma had fallen but was not injured, she had laughed it off and informed me that “this is going to happen”. Since then we have done nothing but go up, when Norma is faced with a new challenge she concurs it! Seeing Norma change both her strength and body has been amazing. I am proud to see her continually excel in her goals!

Watch her story!