Rebell of the Month: Traci Kruse

Traci is our Rebell of the month for October! Traci is one strong woman when it comes to training. It has been very impressive seeing Traci increase her strength and excel in her sport of running. Traci started with our “Run Strong” program, and became a full time Rebell after our program ended. I am excited to share with you her story!

Hubs and I at SMSU Gala 

Your background

I played Volleyball and ran track in high school, until I tore my ACL. After that, I did not participate in any organized sports or training. I have run on and off throughout the years, but over the past 1-2 years I became much more serious about running. Because of my running, I started to strength train to try and help with speed and endurance.   

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I had never done any kind of organized strength training before Restored Strength. Since starting, I appreciate that it is so personalized to the goals I want to achieve and takes into account my previous injury and the imbalances it has caused.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 2.46.52 PM
Traci doing barbell bridges 

Challenging barriers you overcame

As with most activities, it’s a mental game. I had to work through the “I can’t do that” phase before I really started making progress. Since letting go of that, I’ve been able to accomplish more than I thought I could.

Greatest achievement

I found Restored Strength while training for my first half marathon. I think that regular strength training helped me finish strong and avoid injury.

After my half marathon 

Changes your family/friends noticed

I have become a more active person than i used to be. I have noticed that I have better posture while sitting at my desk. My arms are also more toned than they have ever been!

What do you tell people about our training

Everything about Restored Strength is personalized. Personalized to your goals, to any history of injury, and to your schedule. Workout times are quite flexible.

Family at Falls Park 

What do you enjoy about training here

The flexible schedule is huge for me as my work schedule can be chaotic at times. It’s also a fun, friendly environment!

3 benefits you’ve noticed

I’ve gotten stronger, have more endurance, and have better balance.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 2.48.08 PM
Back squats for days 

What makes the difference

Restored Strength is the first trainer I’ve worked with!


Traci has no limits when it comes to working hard, when she is faced with a new challenge she takes it on with no hesitation. Seeing how much her strength has improved is amazing, we’ve overcome barriers of upper body strength to recovering from sport injuries. Traci refuses to give up when things get tough, this is something that we really admire about her. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and train such an amazing person!

Watch her story!

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