Rebell of the Month: Roberta Wyatt

Roberta is our Rebell of the month for November! Roberta has been committed to her goals and has been working very hard. Watching Roberta increase her balance, strength, and her range of motion has been very impressive. She has made great progress with her consistency and commitment towards training. I am excited to share with you her story!

Last year at a book signing at HyVee.


Your Background

Before coming to Restored Strength and training with William, my family had belonged to the local YMCA since before it was built. I must admit that I was always intimidated by the atmosphere in the training areas, and I often felt that I wasn’t prepared to train with folks who obviously knew what they were doing. I have never considered myself as someone who would “train”, or would work with a trainer. That changed when I started at Restored Strength.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I had met William at a Chamber of Commerce “Let’s Connect” event and liked his enthusiasm and energy. I had already heard good things about the training going on there, but was intimidated and worried that I would not fit in…After my initial sessions, I started to feel that this was something I could not only do, but that he was willing to meet me where I was and could tailor a program that would challenge me. It was very uplifting to be training with people who were so positive and supportive! Before starting I thought it was only for “athletes”. Once starting, I found that it was not only something I could do, but that it brought so many positive things to my life, going beyond just the physical gains I experienced.

Challenging barriers you overcame

When I owned The Daily Grind I was constantly on my feet, and I felt I had great endurance and stamina. I would joke that while I wasn’t at my ideal weight, everything worked and I took my body and health for granted. That changed when I was diagnosed with several femur fractures about 5 years ago. I was treated, which included rehab, but I never really recovered. Fast forward to working with William and the knee issues that had never really gone away resurfaced. When I needed to meet with my doctor regarding this, he was impressed that I had great flexibility and strength, (due to my training at Restored Strength), and while I will be, (eventually!), having a knee replacement, I know that my training has helped me immensely. I NEVER feel any pain or discomfort while working out, as everything William has me do is tailored exactly to me and my needs.

Roberta working on swings 

Greatest achievement

I am extremely proud of my continuing commitment to changing my lifestyle. I would love to stay in bed, but I get myself up and out to my sessions, often driving in from Sioux Falls to be training at 8am. The accountability of having someone in your corner helps, but it has shown me that I can succeed at this program, and that I can stay with my training schedule. Seeing my stamina and body change for the better is wonderful, but it is staying with the commitment to continuing a healthy journey that I am most proud about.

Changes your family/friends noticed

My husband has noticed my increase in energy and muscle tone. I think he is proud that I am taking this time for myself, which is something I would not have done in the past. My friend, Rebekah, has told me that she sees changes in my posture, the way I walk and my tush, too! 😉 I have noticed changes in my overall stamina, my ability to stay on task for longer periods of time, and even my breathing has changed for the better. I would have been out of breath easily in the past, but not now. My balance has greatly improved and I feel more confident that as I grow older I can continue to age more gracefully with this training program.

Roberta working on step ups.

What do you tell people about our training

I have referred friends to Restored Strength! I tell them that William meets you where you are, and that you are treated respectfully. He believes everyone has an inner athlete “Rebell” and his goal is to improve your life, based on your desires and expectations. I would tell them that the entire process will leave them feeling more empowered and strong. The atmosphere is fun and those I am privileged to workout with help me to be a better me. It is money and time well spent and I wish I would have started sooner!

1980, US Navy, Monterey, California. I’m in the middle, bottom row.

What do you enjoy about training here

Of course, I like it when a session is done and I feel a sweaty sense of accomplishment! Seriously, after a session on an early Monday morning is completed, I feel everything else just fall into place for my week. I appreciate the positive vibes that William brings to the space and I am amazed at what I can do, given his encouragement and guidance. The atmosphere is always upbeat and supportive, not at all intimidating.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

Since training at Restored Strength, I feel like I belong in this atmosphere. Being surrounded by others who are welcoming and encouraging has helped me feel like this is a “new normal” for me, and has left me feeling more confident. I have become committed to myself and hold myself accountable for my health journey. I am making positive steps towards a “bucket list” goal coming up in a couple of years, which would not have been possible had I not started this work.

My wedding, 1991, with my sister, Kelly.

What makes the difference

William and his intern, Tyler, have a great way of meeting you where you are in your fitness journey, while still stretching your limits. Working with someone you trust is so very important, and while I have joined other programs in the past I never felt the personal encouragement that I have at Restored Strength. I am accountable to someone who is completely respectful of me, which has not been my experience in the past. The upbeat and positive atmosphere fosters a sense of community among those working out together and William is responsible for setting this tone. In the past, I would have been intimidated and afraid to try many of the things I can now do and that is because of Restored Strength and the supportive guidance I receive from William.


Additional words

I have never thought of myself as athletic, and even though I served in the Navy I never really gave myself credit for what my body could do…I would focus on diet, or weight, or some other indicator of health, rather than pursuing building on strengths. I have taken my health for granted and, as I age, I see that I need to be an active participant in maintaining and building my well-being. Working at Restored Strength has shown me that I am in charge of my physical health, and that I can do amazing things that I never thought I would be capable of accomplishing. I find that most of what slowed me down was my mindset, and that with the right encouragement I am making strides I never would have thought possible before this regimen. If you’re on the fence, I would strongly encourage you to give Restored Strength a month of your time. I have no doubt that you will be just as pleased with the ongoing results as I have been.


Roberta is always open-minded when it comes to our training, she is eager to try new things and willing to give everything a try. It’s always a great time training with Roberta, listening to her stories about traveling to learning more about the history of Marshall. Roberta has gone above and beyond to her commitment to better health. She has a great understanding of what it means to be strong and healthy!


Watch her story!


Strength Training for Health

Strength training has become more popular now than it has ever been, but there are still some misconceptions that we have about strength training. Some people still believe that strength training can make you big and bulky, make you immobile, and can cause injury. These are old beliefs that still linger, in which gives strength training a bad name. Let’s dive into some of the benefits that strength training can do for us.


In order to begin, let me clarify what I mean when I say “strength training”. Strength training (in our facility) revolves around the aspect of 7 big movements which is, lower body pushing/pulling, upper body horizontal pushing/pulling, upper body vertical pushing/pulling, single leg work, mobility, and trunk (abdominal exercises revolving around carrying, anti-rotation, stabilization, anti-extension). These are the premises of what we do, we work on big movements not muscles. The reason we use movements over muscles is that no muscle works alone, every action is carried over by another, if we are able to train the movement and get more muscles engaged we get a greater training effect from the fact that more muscles are being activated.


Stronger Muscles: Strength training can help you build stronger muscles, having stronger muscles can help with everyday activities. Think about the times you were unable perform a task because you didn’t have the strength for it. An example would be carrying garbage to the dumpster or moving some boxes around at home, this could even mean walking upstairs. When we are able to add in strength training, our day to day tasks become easier because the muscles are stronger.

We are also able to reduce the chances of an injury, injuries sometimes occur when certain muscles are asked to do a task and cannot complete it, so they ask another group of muscles to help that usually wouldn’t. Max Shank talks about “pissing off the neighbors” in which he describes this as “if you have an imbalance of muscle tension or strength on opposite sides of a joint, it will get pulled out of its ideal position–which increases the risk of injury and decreases performance”. In another word, being able to develop strength in the muscles will allow them to become stronger and function in their intended way.

Lean Muscle Mass: When we strength train we are adding more lean muscle mass to our body. We are able to become leaner and lose more body fat with the newfound muscle mass we have developed. Adding lean muscle mass means to have growth within the cells that equals an enlargement of the tissue. Having more muscle mass requires your body to use more energy, this means our metabolism increases as well because we are needing to feed our bodies more food to sustain this newfound muscle growth. Getting to eat more and get leaner, who wouldn’t want that?!
Carrying around more muscle mass is a good thing to have, these denser tissues now protect our ligaments and tendons even more, which is great for injury prevention. Having lean muscle mass does not mean looking like a body builder, it means to reduce the amount of body fat we have around these muscles. Denser muscles protect our body from harm, evidence shows us that going into a surgery with prior strength training equals a quicker recovery.


Reduction in injuries: Strength training has the ability to help us reduce injury as mentioned above, there is a common phrased called “Injury Prevention” in regards to reduction of injuries. The only issue is we cannot prevention injury, we can only reduce the exposure of it, no matter how much prevention you do sometimes injuries do occur. Strength training allows us to work on exercises that helps us with correcting asymmetries in the body that sometimes can be the cause of pain or can lead to injuries. These asymmetries are common with almost everyone, whether it be from repetitive motions with your body or from past injuries, there are underlining issues that we are not made aware of until we are made notice of these differences within the body.


When you are stronger, your joints become healthier and also the body becomes more mobile as well. An old belief about weight training was that if you are strength training you will become muscle bound and it would reduce your mobility. This is not the case anymore, if you are training properly you should see an increase in the range of motion in your joints. Weight bearing exercises also allows for us to build stronger bones, when we add strength training to our regimen our bones become denser. When the muscles become stronger they are quicker to engage and less likely to fatigue, this is how we can reduce the exposure to injuries.


Strength training is not just for the young or those who are wanting to become power lifters. Being strong is not about how much weight you can move or how many pull ups you can do, it’s about how you can make your life better. Strength has a greater purpose than just being strong, it allows us to live healthier lives. Hopefully this can give you a clearer idea as to what true strength training can do for you.