Rebell of the Month: Savannah Marks

It’s honor to announce that Savannah is our Rebell of the Month for May!! Savannah is one hard working rebell! She is always looking forward to a new challenge and is willing to take on any new task we give to her. Savannah has been working very hard these last few months and has made significant strides in her strength. We are excited to share with you her story!

Your Background

I had never trained before coming to Restored Strength, but had always wanted to get involved in some strength training. I started coming here because I wanted help getting ready for Basic Training this summer. My brother had trained here a little before me and that was how I found out about it.

A mud run I did last year with the Air Force

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I was super hesitant about getting a trainer before I came to Restored Strength because it was super out of my comfort zone. Once I started, I was super happy that I finally decided to go through with getting a trainer. Now I am super comfortable with everyone there. I’m glad I decided to up my strength before I went to basic and definitely think it’s going to help.

Challenging barrier you overcame

My biggest barrier at first was getting out of my comfort zone. Once I realized the kind environment I was in, I got a lot more comfortable because I knew no one was judging each other and William is always very encouraging, which was always the biggest help of all.

Greatest achievement

One of my greatest achievements has been becoming more confident with myself and my body. Another one would be improving my pull ups. One of my biggest achievements would be not giving up on myself. I used to be super hard on myself and I still am, just not as much as I was before.

All the military kids run at the end after all the civilians have ran. I was the only Air Force and only girl. My team was 4 army guys, 1 marine, and me.

Changes your family/friends noticed

I have noticed some changes in the looks of my arms and legs. I have also noticed the shoulder area on my shirts have gotten a bit smaller. I’ve noticed that I don’t get as tired as I used to when doing workouts, it takes a lot more to tire me out. I get really used to certain weights, so I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how much I am able to handle in terms of strength.

Working on barbell squats.

What do you tell people about our training

If I was to tell a friend about Restored Strength I would tell them that they should not have any uncertainty about going here. The environment is great, the people are nice and the trainers are awesome. You will never feel out of place or like anyone is judging you. William does a great job encouraging you and always pushing you to the best of your ability.

What do you enjoy about our training here

Personally, what I like most is working with William. He is so encouraging, especially when I am hard on myself. His constant reminders of just coming and talking with me and telling me what an awesome job I’m doing is what keeps me doing so well. I remember one day I was super hard on myself about my pull-ups and he told me, “Take your winnings. You’re doing great.” Now every day I train all I think is, take your winnings.

In the mountains is when I flew out to Colorado last summer and visited my little cousins. Callie, Colby, and Cassidy.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I have noticed is that doing different types of physical activity has been so much easier. Some things that were so hard before are now so easy.
  2. I’ve noticed a lot more definition in my body. It is a slow process to get where you want in terms of the look of your body, but slowly and surely, it’ll get there.
  3. I’ve become a lot more confident with myself. Not only just in ways that my body has more definition to it, but I have been more encouraging with myself.

    Savannah working kettlebell jerks. 

What makes the difference

I have not worked with other trainers, but I can say I would not want a different trainer than the one I have now. That’s one reason I am not looking forward to leaving this summer. William has made coming to the gym the highlight of my days.

Additional words

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with William. This is one thing I will dearly miss when I leave in the summer.

It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to be working with Savannah. Seeing her break out of her shell and crush her goals has been so rewarding. I always look forward to our training sessions because of the amount of fun we get to have. Savannah is a dedicated to her goals and goes the extra mile to achieve them.

Watch her story!