Rebell of the Month: Ryley Serreyn

We are very proud to announce that our July Rebell of the Month is Ryley Serreyn!! Ryley has been training with us since June of last year, when he started with our first summer athlete program. Ryley has been consistent with his training year-round and has committed himself to exceling as an athlete. Ryley is no stranger when it comes to putting in the work to accomplish his goals. We are excited to share with you his story!

Your Background

My name is Ryley Serreyn, I am 17 years old and I love to be outdoors and play sports! I never really trained much before I came to Restored Strength. I could condition and stuff for hockey, but would never really be in the weight room lifting or doing anything like that. I was always very intimated by the weight room because there were always going to be people there lifting more than me and make me look bad. So, I never really liked going to the weight room whether it was at the YMCA or the high school.

Semi finals at GAC last year against LDC 

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Before I started working at Restored Strength, I didn’t feel the intimidation about lifting there as I did in the weight room in other places. I was excited to start and make the first step towards becoming a better athlete. After I started working there William quickly taught me and it doesn’t matter if someone can lift more than me. Everyone starts somewhere and he was going to get me bigger and stronger so I can keep up with some of the other people around me. I loved the environment at Restored Strength, we take our training seriously but we also like to joke around and have a good time while we are doing so.

Challenges you overcame

One of the hardest things I had to overcome when I started was getting up early in the mornings. It is something I still have to overcome yet this day. Getting up at 5:30AM during the summer was rough. But getting up going and working in the end was so rewarding. Over time you realize that without sacrifice there will be no victory, even if those sacrifices are an hour of sleep. But getting up that early has started to become a habit and gets easier and easier as you go on. Don’t get me wrong I have my days but powering through them can be very rewarding.

Ryley working on his bench press

Greatest achievement

My greatest achievement at Restored Strength is probably the progress I have made with my lifting. Starting at Restored Strength I could barely do a pull up, and now they come easy to me. Working here has made my form so much better when lifting and most importantly it has made me a better athlete. In the end that is what I started at Restored Strength for and that is definitely what I got out of it. It helps your physical game as well as your mental game, my confidence has greatly boosted since I have been working at Restored Strength. So, I would say my greatest achievement is the athlete that I have become today.

Changes your family/friends noticed

There have been a couple things they have noticed lately. My arms have gotten bigger. I am a lot faster than I used to be. They also notice out on the ice when I am playing hockey, that I am faster on the ice and more explosive. I have also slimmed out a lot while working at Restored Strength. My family has commented on many things about me that have improved over the vast time of me working at Restored Strength.

My parents and I at parents night

What do you tell people about our training

I would tell them about the very friendly environment there. I would also tell them about how cool William and Tyler are, they really want to push you to be your best and make sure that you are getting the most out of the training they give you. They really care about you and your progress. If you come to Restored Strength you will no doubt see results. They are not going to come over night but they will be there. Every time you step into the gym you are going to become a better athlete. William and Tyler will make sure of that.

Working on mobility

What do you enjoy about our training here

What I enjoy most at Restored Strength is the atmosphere there. We get work done when we are there but we also like to have a lot of fun and joke around. William and Tyler are not just my coaches but they are my friends as well. They are very cool guys and they care about your well-being in and outside of the gym. I also enjoy being able to go and lift with some of my friends from the hockey team. Most of the time of me being at Restored Strength I have been I there doing a hockey program with some of the guys from the team and I enjoy that a lot. Being there with friends and teammates is always a good time.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. My motivation. I have been more motivated to get up in the mornings and go work out than ever before. It also helps with other aspects of your life and makes you more motivated to do those things. I have also been more motivated lately to eat better. William has really emphasized my nutrition because he knows that it is going to help me make more gains.
  2. My ability on the ice. Working at Restored Strength helps you gain the muscle, but also the mobility. I am a goalie so I have to be able to stretch and move in a lot of weird ways you could say. I work in a small portion of the ice so I need to be explosive and fast when I am moving so I can get in a position to make a save. William and Tyler have for sure helped me become a lot faster and they have helped me get quicker while moving in the net.
  3. The will power to be able to push myself. I am joining the U.S. Army when I graduate high school so I will need to learn how to push myself and not give up when I go there. William and Tyler always make sure you are pushing yourself and when you are conditioning they will make sure you are working to the best of your ability and giving it your all.

    After a 3rd place finish at the Schawan’s Cup

 What makes the difference

William and Tyler really pay good attention to detail. If you are doing something wrong they are going to tell you so you can fix it instead of creating a bad habit. They will not just tell you what to do and leave you to do it by yourself. They are going to show you how to do it and make sure you understand what you are gaining from it and what muscle group you are working and such. Also, the resets are life changing I never knew anyone else that could do resets and I had never heard of them before restored strength but they do work like a charm.

Watching Ryley build his strength and size over the past year has been extremely rewarding. His commitment to himself is an honorable characteristic he has to show. We are very proud of Ryley and his success here at Restored Strength. Ryley has gone above and beyond of what has been expected from him, he is a true dedicated athlete.

Watch his story!