Rebell of the Month: Thomas Flynn

We are excited to announce Tom Flynn is our Rebell of the Month for August! Every day Tom walks in the building for his training session he has a smile on his face and he has a positive attitude. He always gives his best effort, is eager to learn new things, and always wants to be challenged. We are privileged to have him be a part of our RS Family! Here is his story.

Your background

The only sort of training I’ve been able to stick with has been purely aerobic—I love jogging and running, rain or shine. Previously, I’ve tried out several different gym and training memberships, but none of them have worked out. Why? Because I constantly felt as if I was working for the machines I was using, rather than for myself and my health. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was craving something holistic and tailored.

As someone who seeks out knowledge for healthy living, I’ve found the training at Restored Strength satisfying just about everything I could possibly want from a gym.

My self-image and self-worth have improved due to my work at Restored Strength—I’m happy with what I’m doing and the work I’m putting into my own health!

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Years of poor experiences at other gyms had turned me off to strength training. Before RS, most of my exercise revolved around running.

That turned around pretty quickly after I started with Tyler and William; the work I was doing in their tailored programs felt great—the first sign that I was in the right place before I even started seeing the results of that work.

Challenging barrier you overcame

I’ve already mentioned it, but my biggest barrier was my preconceived notions about strength training, in general. For me, it had always revolved around bottom-barrel gym memberships, homogenized training methods, and machines that never felt productive to use.

Since I started strength-training at RS, I’ve come to enjoy it—even look forward to it as often as I can, week to week.

Tom working on battle ropes. 

Greatest achievement  

It might sound like a cliché, but my greatest achievement has been finding a program that feels consistently great to apply myself toward; something I look forward to every time I have a training session scheduled. More than that, it’s a program that yields results I can see and feel—progress I can measure without even stepping on a scale.

Me reaching 12,500 feet elevation at West Maroon Pass, above Crested Butte, Colorado! This 8.5 mile hike felt great after several months training at RS.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Either my greater day-to-day energy or the subtle increases in muscle definition throughout my upper body—exactly the areas I wanted to work on.

I’m a writer by passion and profession—it requires a lot more energy, focus, and commitment than most realize. On top of that, I work a day job that keeps me on my feet, too. No matter what type of work, I’ve had more energy and better focus for it, every day.

The person who can best attest to my greater day-to-day energy and mobility is my partner, Krystl!

What do you tell people about our training

Don’t balk at the cost of the training programs—Tyler’s and William’s expertise are far and away worth it, and your body deserves such tailored and specific attention.

As someone that felt like he was working against his own health whenever he went to a gym before, I’d suggest finding something more holistic and individual, which is exactly what Restored Strength offers.

What do you enjoy about our training here 

This could be a long list, but I’ll highlight one important factor—all the work I do uses free weights and my own body weight. There are no machines in sight, so I never feel like I’m working for a machine, as opposed to working for my own body.

Essentially—no steps back; only forward.\

Three Benefits You’ve Noticed

1. I have more energy throughout the day! Obviously this has been a benefit to my day-to-day living, but my productivity in general has improved as a result.

2. I actually look forward to my sessions at RS—they’re a highlight of my week, and that’s a feeling I’ve never had with any other program.

3. In addition to actively training twice a week, I’m learning more about how to keep my body healthy through better movement and habits.

Thom working on his bench press. 

What Makes the Difference

Unlike every other training program or fitness plan I’ve tried, Tyler and William’s work with me at Restored Strength has felt comprehensive and honest. Other fitness plans have felt like gimmicks—unsustainable efforts that revolve around a particular movement or exercise, or the omission of part of a balanced diet. William and Tyler provide well-rounded training and advice about exercise techniques and personal health. It’s been the only plan that feels right to me, and the only one to feel sustainable, long-term.

Additional Words

I can’t recommend Restored Strength enough. William and Tyler’s training has been life-changing, all for the better. I look forward to many months of continued work with them, and the rest of the RS Rebells!

Training Tom and helping him improve his health has been an amazing experience. The numerous amount of goals we have set and achieved together will always make me proud to work with him. He would not have the improvement of his strength, movement, and overall health without his great effort and determination.

Watch his story!

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