Rebell of The Month: Jerry Wiblemo


Jerry is our Rebell of The Month for October! Jerry has been working hard at Restored Strength since this spring. He has been taking his training and his nutrition very serious and has been making great results to show for his hard work. Check out his story!

Your background

I’ve always been involved in organized sports, but I’ve never really done any serious “weight” training. I’ve done some classes at the “Y”, but the majority of my activity has been centered on cardio workouts to control weight.

Jerry working on a Staggered Stance Deadlift.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Mainly centered on the thought that it involved low reps with heavy weight; which isn’t something I was interested in doing. After working with the kettlebells and dumbbells I know you can achieve definition and strength without killing yourself.

 Challenging barriers you overcame

Making the time to work out; it would have been easy to convince myself that I don’t have two hours twice a week to devote to working out.

Our two grand kids – Liam is 2.5 and Bear is 6 months old

Greatest achievement

The fact that I have found a workout that I have stuck with- and actually enjoy- for seven months is a true achievement.

The newest addition to our family – Ben; 10 week old English Chocolate Lab.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Muscle mass and strength. My wife always said she couldn’t be with anyone that couldn’t pick her up; we’re still together.

The love of my life – Terri – married 35 years

What do you tell people about our training

Restored Strength has a friendly atmosphere. As always, your results depend on your effort. But the support from the staff really makes a difference.

What do you enjoy about training here

Besides the fact that William has enough energy for everyone in the room, I would say I like the small group setting. You get to know your workout “buddies”.

Jerry working on Bench Press.

Three benefits you’ve noticed

1. I’m able to eat more, right now I’m eating chips and dip, and still able to maintain my weight.

2. Improved core strength, I’ve had fewer back issues this past year and when I do have an issue it doesn’t seem to last as long.

3. Increased flexibility, I still can’t touch my toes but I’m getting there.

What makes the difference

You don’t have to work someone to the point of exhaustion to get results. The workouts are challenging, and you definitely feel them later, but I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out during them.

It is such a pleasure to be working with Jerry!! He has a great sense of humor and smile that lights up the entire room. His love for movies and golf goes far and wide, Tuesday movie night is one of our favorite topics of discussion. It has been truly amazing seeing all of the great progress Jerry has been making, especially these past couple months when we really started focusing on his nutrition. Jerry is a prime example of what our Restored Strength community is.

Watch His Story!

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