Rebell of The Month: Kim Jenniges

We are excited to announce that Kim is our Rebell of the Month for November!! Kim has been such a great member to have at Restored Strength. From her high energy and fun spirit to her welcoming personality, Kim has made some great progress! We are excited to share with you her story!

Your background

Before Restored Strength, I had never really enjoyed exercise.  I had a high metabolism the majority of my life, so could avoid it. Then 40 hit and I needed to make some changes.  Over and over again, I kept trying the newest fad expecting different results.  It was me trying to do this alone. I was missing a community to be part of.  I found these things at Restored Strength.

Kim and her husband Jamie, son Dawson (13), and Daughter Morgan (17) at her confirmation this fall.  These three are my life.  They are my motivation, my support, and entertainment every night!

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Before training, I thought it was all free weights, bench pressing, and that I had to be an experienced athlete.  After training, it’s amazing how much creativity and different exercises you can do with your own weight, bands, kettle bells, and more.  There is something new every workout.  Something that is attainable for where you are at on your journey.  The cool thing is that as you grow, your confidence grows too!

Challenging barriers you overcame

Ditching the philosophy of “no pain no gain” and patience pays off.  I was brought up in a generation where you had to push yourself to the limit in order to see any results.  Resulting in sweating profusely and unnecessary muscle soreness!  Now I realize, it shouldn’t hurt.  We are also in a society where we all want instant results. William said to me one day, if you want to get a $1000.00 it doesn’t happen overnight, but saving over time will get you $1000.00.  The same holds true with exercise and nutrition.  Just keep at it!

Kim working on floor presses.

Greatest achievement

Showing up!  I have been getting up consistently at 5:15am 3 times a week to make my 6:00am workout.  Before Restored Strength, I always intended to work out in the mornings, but the snooze button won out.  My muscles fought me when I did manage to get out of bed.  I never understood how some people loved a morning workout, now I’m one of them.  Working out with William and my morning workout friends is the best way to start my day.

Changes your family/friends noticed

When doing outside work this fall, I didn’t get winded.  My husband has noticed my stamina has increased and I don’t get near as sore as in years past.

Me and my husband Jamie at the Metallica concert for our 19 year wedding anniversary.  We always make time for us.  This night was so awesome!!!

 What do you tell people about our training

William cares about your success.  He will work with you to help you achieve your goals.  Workouts are surprising easy.  He pushes you just enough and knows when you are ready to progress, customizing workouts for you!  I leave feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  Plus, you get to work out in your socks!  Which I love! 

What do you enjoy about training here

I walk in the building and I feel like I belong.  It is a completely judge free zone with people at all different levels. William promotes a positive environment where we work, we chat, and we laugh, making the hour go by very fast! 

My partner in crime, Molly.  She keeps me company when I’m working, follows me everywhere and is the best stress reliever ever.  Plus, she’s so cute!!  You can’t help but love her!

Three benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I can do so much more than I ever thought I could! My confidence has grown leaps and bounds!
  2. I’m embracing small wins and the philosophy that this is a lifestyle change.
  3. My posture has improved.I have always struggled with my posture.Standing up straight is easier now!

What makes the difference

I have never had a trainer before, but now I’m hooked!!  Other fitness plans didn’t hold me accountable.  I was missing the community, workout buddies, and positive reinforcement.

Kim working on her presses.

Additional Words

I’m thankful I picked up the phone and called William.  I was embarrassed about where I was.  My BMI was going up with each visit with my provider.  My cholesterol was going in the wrong direction, to the point where my provider said if I didn’t make some changes we were going to have to talk medication.  In November, I will have my annual health screening.  I’m hoping to see the results of all the work I have put in.  The even better thing, William said no matter what the results are we will figure out a plan together.  I am definitely not alone and that is the best part.

Kim is an active and hard working member in the RS Community. She has such a great attitude and puts in the work towards bettering her health. Kim has made some significant changes in her strength and mobility. We couldn’t ask for a better member like Kim, we are very proud to have her be a part of out family.

Watch Her Story!