Rebell of The Month: Tracey Gunlogson Westegaard

We are very excited to announce that Tracey is our Rebell of the month for January 2019!! Tracey is hands down one hard working member that is truly committed to her goals. She has significantly increased her strength, mobility, and body composition. Hear her story!

Your background

I wear many hats – mother, farm wife, veterinarian, volunteer, barrel race, beekeeper….maybe competitive athlete someday? A fast pace and go-go-go is my comfort zone. Though I’ve never considered myself naturally athletic, I’ve always wanted to be and have trained/exercised regularly in some capacity since I was in high school. What I’ve lacked in natural talent, I’ve made up for in try. I will out-try anyone.

Barrel Racing with my gelding, aka Bull Frog.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Even though I’ve trained in some capacity my whole life, I’ve never really had a real goal. I just enjoy exercise and the ego boost I get from lifting heavy things. Coach William has encouraged me to focus my training and compete in Power Lifting while improving my mobility and correcting imbalances I’ve created with some haphazard training and job related repetitive movement patterns.

Challenging barriers you overcame

My ego. I’m still a work in progress. I want to train hard every day but I know intellectually, that is not best for my body and will slow my progress. To me, recovery is no fun but that is where I’ll make progress and gains. I know, and Coach William reminds me frequently, but it is a tough pill to swallow and I’m still working hard to focus on recovering.

Tracey working on the landmine press.

Greatest achievement

My ability to recover when I injure myself. I have a laundry list of aches and pains from everyday life and various hobbies. I continue to injure myself working/playing hard when I do, I have the tools (exercises and mobility drill) to heal faster. Now, when I throw my back out, I’m not miserable for a month, I’m sore for just a few days and then back to my normal activities. My body heals so much faster now.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Ha. Physically, my butt and jean size has changed. I still have to look in the mirror now and then to be sure it’s still there and it wasn’t just a dream that I grew a booty. I have girlfriends that have noticed for sure and asked me what I’ve done.

Napping at the horse trailer, my “happy place”

What do you tell people about our training

I tell friends I refer to trust the process and trust Coach William. He is not going to work you in a way that makes you sore or will hurt your body, because that is counterproductive. Less can be more. It doesn’t mean it’s easy though.

What do you enjoy most about training here

I feel very safe there. I can be myself. Doesn’t matter if my workout clothes don’t match or smell because I wore them the day before. I don’t feel like I need to suck in my mom belly. I truly feel no judgment there by Coach William and other members.

My husband Andy.

Three benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I acknowledge pain and deal with it instead of sucking it up and working through it/ignoring it. Pain is not normal, listen to it.
  2. I learned the value and true meaning of a dynamic warm up…not just 5 minutes of walking on a treadmill.
  3. It doesn’t have to happen overnight.
Kayaking with my kids, Brook 10 and Austin 13, on the creek in our pasture.

What makes the difference

This biggest thing I have experienced differently is the emphasis on corrective movement patterns and mobility. It’s frustrating to think I wouldn’t have the aches and pains I do now had a trainer emphasized correct movement patterns and corrective exercises into my training at a younger age.

Tracey is such a fun Rebell to work with! She has such a great sense of humor and is very knowledgable about strength training which is very impressive. She is definitely one of the hardest working moms I have met. I am looking forward to watching her compete in her first power lifting meet!

Watch her story