Rebell of the Month: Brandon Tucker

We are excited to announce that our Rebell of the Month for February is Brandon Tucker! Brandon has been working with us for the past 3 months and has been rocking his sessions. We enjoy having his positive attitude in the gym, along with his great sense of humor. He has a serious commitment to staying on track to accomplish his goals. This is his story!

Your background

I used to be a fairly avid runner and used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Then my life got too busy with work and I started to slack on my personal fitness. After 3 years of a very hectic work schedule with a very minimal to-non-existent fitness schedule, I realized, just how much I had let myself go. Now that work has slowed down I have made it my goal to get in shape again. Originally, I tried going to the gym on my own, but my former drive and love for exercise/running was no longer there. I knew that I needed help to start this up again, and Restored Strength has worked really well to provide me with that assistance and accountability.

There is a picture of Daryl (my partner) and I over the summer. That’s the most recent photo I have of us. None with my longer hair.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I really enjoyed working out in the past once I got into a routine. After being off that routine for over 3 years it has been very difficult to get back into it. Since being at Restored Strength my motivation is returning and there is someone there that can partially hold me accountable.

There is a picture of our dog, Piper, with a nice bottle of red wine. She is a little bit of a light weight 😛 (jk, we never give our dog alcohol!)

Challenging barriers you overcame

The challenging barrier I had to overcome is that sometimes my schedule with work and other life events can be difficult to accommodate.  Additionally, in the winter and only driving a front wheel drive vehicle, the snow can sometimes be a barrier 🙂

Brandon working on Good Mornings

Greatest achievement

My greatest achievement while training has been weight loss, increase in strength, and increase in energy. Additionally, my migraines haven’t been happening as often as they used to.

Changes your family/friends noticed

When I asked my partner, this question his response was “you seem happier.” 

Then there is a picture of our devious little bunny, Jasper. He favors Daryl and always tries to steal my food.

What do you tell people about our training

I would tell them to expect to meet a lot of fun and friendly people in a judgement free environment.

What do you enjoy about training here

What I like most about training at Restored Strength are the people and the structure of the exercises. I also like the individual attention you get from William who makes sure you are doing each exercise correctly without hurting yourself.

Brandon working on Planks.

Three benefits you’ve noticed

1. Weight loss

2. More energy.

3. Increased strength.

All of these have helped to improve my life as I feel more like myself again.

 What makes the difference

I haven’t tried other trainers or fitness plans. When I was working on my fitness on my own I had a couple of injuries that were completely avoidable if I knew how to properly perform certain exercises.

Additional words

I am happy that I decided to join Restored Strength. It has had a positive impact on my life and my health and I genuinely enjoy spending time with the people there during my sessions.

Brandon has been such a great member to work with, we cannot say enough good things about him. He is serious about his health and works hard during class. He has come a long way in his first few months here and it’s been awesome watching progress. Brandon is on his way to be the healthiest version of himself!

Watch his story!