3 Exercises for Better Hip Mobility

Everyone who works a desk job will deal with tight hips. This isn’t a choice because we often cannot control our work environment. Stiff hips can lead to low back pain, make daily activities difficult, or make exercising more challenging. 

There is a lot of different mobility exercises you can use to help open up your hips. Here are 3 of our favorite exercises to help you mobilize your hips! 

Side Bent Sit

Side bent sits are great for what is called “internal” and “external” rotation of the hips. This is our hips ability to turn inward and outward. This motion alone is highly neglected throughout our daily routine. Using this exercise will really open up the inside and outside of your hips.

Begin with your legs in a 90/90 position, create about a foot of space between your heel and your opposite knee.

With the back leg, begin to raise the knee up and roll on to the top of your butt.

Shift the weight to the opposite side of your starting position.

Repeat back and forth for 6 reps, be sure to transition slowly between exercises.

Quadruped Hip Extension

This exercise will help you with stretching and mobilizing the front of your hips, like your hip flexors. If we are in a seated position for most of the day the front our hips can get very tight and short, this exercise allows for you to stretch them out.

Begin on your elbows and knees.

Raise your knee up so it is in-line with your hip.

Squeeze your heel towards your butt and avoid overarching your low back.

Lower the knee down and repeat on the opposite side.

With these you will do 8 reps on each side.

Frog Stretch

The frog stretch is a little more of an advance exercise, but this is great for stretching out the inside of our thighs, specifically the adductors. To make this exercise less challenging you can point your toes down rather than angled outward.

Begin with on your hands with your knees spread out as wide as you can.

Have your feet facing outward.

Slowly and gently rock into your hips as far as you can comfortably. 

With these you will do 10 to 12 rocks.

Hip mobility is an important thing to work on day in and day out. Be sure to include these exercises in your daily routine!