Restored Strength is the embodiment of where movement meets strength. This is a holistic approach to fitness and health. Finding modalities of training with kettlebells, natural movement, and simple habitual changes in your life. Through the pursuit of continuous education and commitment to bettering lives is what drives the success of Restored Strength.

Restored Strength is a small gym located in Marshall, Minnesota. Restored Strength offers group classes and personal training.

Fitness does not need to be scary, embarrassing, grueling, or lonely. At Restored Strength we have a solid team of highly educated coaches that inspire you to make changes and be part of our community. We prioritize your goals and getting you the results you deserve with also getting to know who you are.

We meet you where you are, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or completely new to fitness, you’re welcomed. If your goal is to pull a 600 pound deadlift or just have the energy to play with the kids, we can help!

Our mission: To change lives with movement, strength, and community.