To change lives with movement, strength, and community.

Our goal at Restored Strength is to change lives by restoring strength. We are not your typical gym, where you can sneak in without being noticed. Our promise to you is to never make you feel judged, to always coach you to the best of our abilities, to never make you feel as if you are an outsider, and to take the time to put you in the best position to be successful! We are private training facility located in Marshall, Minnesota. Our private setting allows for us to work with you on an individual level in small group settings. We pride ourselves in getting to know our members and serving them on a first-class basis.

We offer Small Group Training and Corrective Exercise.

Small Group Training is our advanced version of group fitness and personal training mixedtogether. We meet you where you are at and prescribe the correct exercise for your level of fitness.

Corrective Exercise is for those who are wanting/needing more individual attention. In this service you are given your own individualized program with proper exercise prescription.

Surround yourself with people who are like you, and let’s get healthy together!