Rebell of the Month: Melissa Bruns

We are excited to announce that our Rebell of the Month is Melissa Bruns! Melissa is a hard-working member who is dedicated to her goals. She has a great attitude towards taking on new tasks and learning new skills. Melissa is not shy when it comes to hard work and is always a fun member to work with. Here is her story!

Your background

I cannot remember a time of ever actually enjoyed fitness or training in my life, largely because of a history of migraines beginning as a child and ongoing today. My migraines are triggered by a long list of things, one of which was exercise, especially anything with my shoulders and neck. Doctors always told me exercise would help alleviate migraines but never once was that true in over 25 years. Rather, any physical activity would cause intense, weeklong debilitating headaches. I would join a gym and try for a week or two, only to have to quit and be stuck in a long contract I couldn’t use. I even tried working with some trainers that would give up on me within a few weeks, afraid they would be liable for my physical condition. I felt defeated, weak and truly hopeless when it came to any exercise or activity-even yard work or gardening or sports or chasing my kid in the yard. I either had to make up excuses to sit out or leverage if the impending pain would be worth it. So, in short, exercise, activity, and training was terrifying. I would start getting stomach aches and emotional just thinking about doing anything physical, afraid of getting sick.

My sassy Lou Lou keeps me smiling and on my toes.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I never gave strength training a thought before Restored Strength, because of all the stuff I already said about getting sick. I couldn’t even do basic activity, cardio or exercise so ‘strength’ was at the bottom of my list. My sister had worked with Coach William for a while and always had great things to say about her sessions, so last January I finally got brave and emailed him to talk. Coach William was optimistic, encouraging and realistic from day one, excited to see what we could do and wise to work at a safe pace. I have learned that strength training should have been at the top of my list, with the right coaching, and that now my body actually can-do things I never imagined that it could. That it’s actually fun and I look forward to it instead of being afraid- both of getting sick, and just of the ‘gym’ atmosphere in general. Because even if I could have gotten over fear of headaches, fear of not knowing what to do or how to do it or the whole typical gym scary stuff was the next barrier keeping me from exercise. So, having a fun, safe, welcoming place to get healthy and strong is an added bonus at Restored Strength!

Challenging barrier you overcame

Being afraid of getting sick for sure is the biggest. In conjunction, I’ve really had to teach myself to trust Coach William and Coach Tyler- to trust that they have my best interests in mind in every single movement they teach me, to trust that they know what they are doing and have put intention and thought into my training program, to trust that they won’t give up on me for fear that I might get sick and they be held responsible, to trust that they actually care about my health and my individual needs as a client not just as another number or session.

Melissa working on her breathing.

Greatest achievement

I have been able to do so much gardening, yard work, painting and other activity that I

love to do but have in the past had to eliminate, limit or suffer being sick afterward. I just jump in and to the normal physical stuff I want to do now without a second thought, where for years I had to hesitate, avoid or quit. The migraines I have has since a child have greatly reduced in frequently and intensity, and I have learned things I can do to prevent and alleviate migraines when they occur. I’ve also learned to just stop and take care of my body when I do get sick because it too will pass, instead of being annoyed and frustrated and pushing through when it’s time to just rest. And I’ve been amazed that on a couple occasions, I have started a session with a bit of a headache and the training has acutely helped instead of exacerbated it, which was unheard of before working with Coach William. Also, that I can (and will) do some pushups even though I hate them. 

Changes your family/friends noticed

My father in law is a chiropractor in town so I have always gotten adjusted regularly, and I’m amazed that I don’t need to be adjusted as frequently as I used to, that my body holds an adjustment better and longer now, and when I am adjusted I can feel that my shoulders and neck are not at tight as they used to be. I notice a difference when I’m working on my computer too, that I hold myself differently and am more aware when I’m working in a way that will contribute to discomfort or pain later, and I know how to use my body differently to avoid positions and movement that will make me sick.

My husband Seth, my daughter Olivia Lou and myself at the Sioux Falls Zoo Summer

What do you tell people about our training

I have! And I tell them it’s fun and not intimidating at all and the best place to get the ‘me time’ that we all need to have. It’s the one place I can put aside home life, and work life, and personal life and just stop thinking and have someone else tell me what to do for an hour to better myself. Morning sessions are great because it’s the best way to start your day and feel good and energized and strong all day. Midday sessions are a great break from the workday and get refocused on yourself, and I go back to work more productive. End of the day sessions are great because it’s a chance to let go of the weight and stress of the day and clear your head. I love the flexibility of the schedule for these reasons!

What do you enjoy about training here

The welcoming, comfortable atmosphere makes it fun to be here and makes me look forward to coming. It’s great not having to think for an hour, like seriously at all, Coach William can tell when you aren’t listening and just tells you again what to do, so for that time I don’t’ have to be in charge of anything or make decisions. Also I like when the music is good (not country or Metallica).

Melissa working on battle ropes. 

Three benefits you’ve noticed

1. Learning about proper breathing makes a huge difference when I’m training and also in my day to day life, to reduce and manage oncoming headaches and just de-stress.

2. Being intentional about making time for myself, working full time, being a mom, being active in the community, and spending time with family and friends doesn’t leave much time for ‘you,’ so having sessions each week holds me accountable for taking the time for myself.

3. The overall strength and ability in general of my body has increased my confidence of what I can do and reduced my fear of being active; the migraines have greatly reduced in frequency and intensity and even when they do occur, they don’t last as long and there are more things I can do to alleviate the pain and recover

What makes the difference

Coach William and Coach Tyler have such a wealth of knowledge and a genuine excitement to implement new things for everyone and for each member specifically. It is not just a cookie cutter program, every person they work with is simultaneously doing their own program specific to them. I can’t watch someone else’s program and wonder why I am not doing what they are, because I know the things I’m doing are for my specific needs and goals and that person’s program is for theirs. William and Tyler do a great job staying current on new techniques and bringing in what they learn to help each member. And they are truly attentive and care about what is going on with you, both in your training and your personal life. They ask questions, they listen, they read between the lines and make adjustments where you need them for your best interest, and are never frustrated or disappointed about doing so. They are always celebrating with everyone which is super encouraging. And I’ve had to learn to quit being skeptical of that, because they really are genuine!! 

My love of goats gets taken too far, one day I have one of my own.

Additional words

I am just really thankful to have found Restored Strength, for the coaches and the community. It is an investment in yourself. There are definitely times when I start to have doubts about my abilities, and then I push through a new exercise I never thought I would be able to do or someone comments that I look different, and I remember I can do this. Or there are times I feel guilty about spending money on myself for my sessions, but then I realize I am able to do more things with my child and my family and around my home and I realize the benefits go beyond just me. Women in general and moms specifically have to fight those doubts and guilt and remember it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Being a member at Restored Strength plays a huge role in that for me.

We are very grateful to have such an amazing member be part of our RS Family. We love hearing about the famous “Lou” also known as Olivia, Melissa’s daughter. There is never a dull moment when we are training, because we get to hear all about the antics of Lou’s life. Melissa has overcome a lot in her fitness journey and has made amazing strides in her strength and mobility.

Watch her story!

How to Write Your Own Exercise Program Part One

Finding an exercise program can be challenging, if we are unable to afford a coach, the next best thing we do is look online to see how we can meet our fitness goals. The trouble with searching for the “right” program, is that there is a lot of information and programs out there. There are programs catered specifically towards bodybuilding, fat loss, muscle gain, etc. We know that with this amount of information out there, it makes fitness overwhelming and challenging to do. In this article we will take you through our thought process on how we design our programs and how you can design your own as well!

Warm Up

Warming up is by far one of the most crucial things to do before beginning your training session. Warming up should take roughly about 5 to 10 minutes and should get you warmed up, not hot and sweaty. Your warm up shouldn’t be extremely taxing, nor should it be too easy, just enough to get blood flowing through the muscles and to loosen up the joints.

Here is how to construct your warm up:

SMR: Self Myofascial Release is a fancy word for foam rolling, begin with foam rolling the tissues, primarily whichever ones are sore or will have a heavier emphasis on your training day. Areas to foam roll would be the glutes, quadriceps, lats, hamstrings, calves, back, and adductors. There are other areas you may be can roll out as well, but these are some of the main areas we hit, we typically spend around 60-90 seconds on the areas of focus.

 Ground: We begin with exercises that are on the ground and progressively work our way into more dynamic movements. Some ideas of exercises on the ground can be dead bugs, glute bridges, active straight leg raises, leg drops, side lying thoracic rotations, etc. Any type of exercise you want that places you on the ground either on your back or on your stomach.

Glute:Next we go into a glute/quadruped focus, this will either continue to have us on our back or in a quadruped position (hands and knees). Exercises for this category will be glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, bird dogs, rocking, fire hydrants, etc. Anything that will help fire and engage the glutes or anything that places you in a quadruped position.

Core: Next we will focus on getting the core to warm up. We will typically do a core specific exercise such as an elbow plank, push up position plank, side plank, hollow hold, anything really that is going to get the core to be engaged.

Hip: Next we will do a hip specific drill to loosen and open up the hips. Exercises in this category will range from frog stretches, open gates, hip flexion/extension, side bent sits, squats, etc. The focus here is to prepare the hips for movement.

Shoulder: Next we look at warming up the shoulders, but we are not going to be focusing primarily on the should itself, we will be looking at primarily the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the large portion of your spine that can hinder shoulder mobility. Exercises for this category are YTW, thoracic rotations, open books, thoracic bridge, rib grabs, etc.

Dynamic:Lastly, we look at a dynamic movement that incorporates all of the body into a dynamic motion. Exercises in this category include inch worms, world’s greatest stretch, kettlebell swings, Turkish getups, deep lunge with elbow drop, lunge matrix,etc. This category should be the last, but most challenging exercise of your warm up.

Typical warm ups should range from one to two sets of repetitions ranging from 6 to 10. It is up to you on how much work you believe each area needs emphasis for your training session.

Program Design

Now that we have covered a basic warm up for your training session, let us dive into the bread and butter of our programming. This may get a little confusing, but we are going to do our best to describe to you our thought process and how we view training.

The reason we view exercises in movements, opposed to muscles, is because we want to train the movements that we do in our daily activity. The other reason is because this allows us to train in shorter time periods without having to commit to a four or five-day program that takes a lot of time out of our day. We want to use our time wisely, with getting the best results in the quickest amount of time.

Block One

In block one we begin with a power exercise paired with a mobility exercise. This allows for us to use an exercise that requires a lot of demand on the body and nervous system. When we look at power-based exercises they require a lot of technique or effort to conduct. We want to make sure that our nervous system is fresh at this time to make sure we can place the appropriate amount of stress on the body.

We pair this exercise with a mobility exercise that will complement the power exercise; EX: Medicine ball slam paired with YTW, we are using an upper body power movement, with an upper body mobility exercise to assist for greater power. Power exercises are done at a lower volume of repetitions ranging from 3-6 reps per set.

Mobility exercises in this category will complement the chosen exercise above, meaning that if you were to do a box jump for your power exercise, you would want to do a lower body mobility exercise to either open up the hips or the ankles, to allow for a greater range of motion to aid in the power exercise. This would apply for an upper body exercise as well.


Upper Body– Medball slam, jam ball slam, medball chest pass, rotational slam, explosive push up, kettlebell push press, clean & press, etc.

Medball Slam- Upper Body Power

Lower Body– Ladder drills, box jumps, squat jumps, kettlebell swings, bounding, lateral jumps, sprints, etc.


 Upper Body– Open books, thoracic rotations, YTW, shoulder circles, halos, rib grab, snow angels, hand behind head t-spine rotation, thoracic bridge, etc.

Upper Body Mobility- Thoracic Rotations

Lower Body-Frog stretch, leg raise, leg drops, rocking, open gates, hip flexion/extension, rainbows, side bent sit, etc.

Block Two

 In block two we begin with a knee or hip dominate single leg exercise, this typically requires a bit of balance and can be more challenging than a bilateral (two legs) exercise. The reason we want to have an emphasis on single leg exercises is because it builds greater strength and can also improve our gait (your ability to walk). You want to think about knee dominate exercises such as a lunge as a lower body pushand a knee dominate exercise such as a single leg glute bridge as a lower body pull exercise.

We will pair this exercise with either an upper body exercise, again we want to categorize our exercise selection by movements not muscles. Upper body exercises should be categorized as upper body pushing and upper body pulling. We even want to get a specific as what direction they are moving in such as upper body vertical/horizontal pushing andupper body vertical/horizontal pulling.You want your upper body exercise to be the opposite of your lower body exercise; EX: Reverse Lunge (unilateral knee/lower body push) second exercise will be a TRX Row (upper body horizontal pull).

Lastly, we will pair these two exercises with either a trunk (core) or carry exercise. This way we can get some direct core work into our training session. We do not need to spend endless circuits to train your core, if you are following this template you will get a lot of other core work from the rest of these exercises. Your trunk work should be categorized as anti-extension/anti-rotation, fancy words for planking (anti-extension) and band holds (anti-rotation).

Unilateral Knee or Hip:

Knee– Split squat, reverse lunge, lateral lunge, front lunge, step up, RFE squat, etc.

Unilateral Knee Dominate- Reverse Goblet Lunge

Hip– Single leg glute bridge, single RDL, single leg deadlift, single leg curl, etc.

Upper Body Push or Pull:

Upper Horizontal Push– Push up, bench press, dumbbell bench press, TRX chest press, single arm bench press, incline bench, etc.

Upper Horizontal Pull– One arm row, bent row, TRX row, seated row, bat wing row, renegade row, face pulls, etc.

Upper Body Horizontal Pull- TRX Row 


Trunk anti-extension– Elbow plank, push up position plank, TRX fallouts, ab roll out, stability ball roll out, hard style plank, crawling, shoulder tap planks, etc.

Trunk anti-rotation– Anti-rotation band hold, pallof press, half kneeling pallof press, split stance pallof press, plate plank slide, plank lateral drag, etc.

Trunk Anti-Rotation- Banded Anti-Rotation Hold

Carry- Farmers walk, suitcase carry, overhead carry, kettlebell rack carry, sandbag carry, etc.

Block Three

 In block three we begin to do the opposite motions of what we did in block two. We will begin with a bilateral (double leg) exercise that is opposite of what was done in block two; EX if block one had single leg RDL (lower body pulling) then your bilateral exercise would be a goblet squat (lower body pushing).

Next, we will work the opposite movement of what we did in block one; EX if we did a push up (upper bodyhorizontal push)we would want to pair that up with a chin up (upper body vertical pull). We are looking at movement patterns, not muscles.

Lastly, we are going to incorporate another mobility exercise. This time the mobility exercise will be opposite of what you did in block one. If you did an upper body mobility exercise we would be doing a lower body mobility exercise to make sure that we have balance with our mobility work.

Bilateral Knee or Hip:

 Knee-Goblet squat, back squat, front squat, kettlebell front squat, bear hug squat, offset kettlebell squat, banded squat, etc.

Hip- Deadlift, trap bar deadlift, kettlebell swing, barbell glute bridge, body weight glute bridge, sandbag deadlift, dumbbell RDL, sandbag good morning, etc.


Bilateral Hip- Trap Bar Deadlift

Upper Body Push or Pull:

Upper Body Vertical Push– Kettlebell press, bottom up kettlebell press, half kneeling kettlebell/dumbbell press, sandbag shoulder press, dumbbell shoulder press, etc.

Upper Body Vertical Push- Bottom Up Press

Upper Body Vertical Pull– Banded chin up, TRX chin up, barbell chin up, pull up, banded pull up, flex arm hang, etc.


Same as above.

Lower Body Mobility- Active Straight Leg Raise 

Block Four

As we enter in block four we will be getting close to the end of the session. We begin metabolic conditioning otherwise known as cardio. Here is the best part about this section, we no longer have to spend endless hours and minutes on a machine doing meaningless cardio work. This section by itself can be a whole article, but for times-sake we will share with you how we conduct conditioning.

We will do a format of Tabata style exercises, which is a high intense interval training style also known as HIIT. We will break this into about 5 minutes of working at ratios of 10/20, 15/15, 20/20, 30/30, etc. Our focus is to elevate the heart quickly with minimal rest.


Battle ropes, medball slams, wall balls, sled pushes, kettlebell swings, carries, crawling, rower, etc. 

Conditioning- Battle Ropes 

Block Five

After we have completed our training session, we will always finish with a cool down. The cool down is a great way for us to dial back the amount stress we have caused on our nervous system and regulate us back into more of a relaxed state. This area we focus primarily on Original Strength Resets. If you have not heard of Original Strength, please go check them out! They provide a great amount of content and information about strengthening the vestibular system and nervous system.


Cool Down:

Breathing, head rotations, head nods, quadruped rocking, single arm rocking, upper body rolling, lower body rolling, crawling, marching, skipping, etc.

Cool Down: Quadruped Rocking

This is just a scratch of the surface of how to write your own fitness program. This is our way of training that we have found best serves our clients and gets them the results they have achieved. If you have any questions or would like for us to elaborate more on any of the topics we discussed please feel free to email us at

In our part two of how to write your own fitness program, we will go over the details of how to program your sets, reps, intensity, and recovery for your fitness goals.

Rebell of the Month: Thomas Flynn

We are excited to announce Tom Flynn is our Rebell of the Month for August! Every day Tom walks in the building for his training session he has a smile on his face and he has a positive attitude. He always gives his best effort, is eager to learn new things, and always wants to be challenged. We are privileged to have him be a part of our RS Family! Here is his story.

Your background

The only sort of training I’ve been able to stick with has been purely aerobic—I love jogging and running, rain or shine. Previously, I’ve tried out several different gym and training memberships, but none of them have worked out. Why? Because I constantly felt as if I was working for the machines I was using, rather than for myself and my health. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was craving something holistic and tailored.

As someone who seeks out knowledge for healthy living, I’ve found the training at Restored Strength satisfying just about everything I could possibly want from a gym.

My self-image and self-worth have improved due to my work at Restored Strength—I’m happy with what I’m doing and the work I’m putting into my own health!

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Years of poor experiences at other gyms had turned me off to strength training. Before RS, most of my exercise revolved around running.

That turned around pretty quickly after I started with Tyler and William; the work I was doing in their tailored programs felt great—the first sign that I was in the right place before I even started seeing the results of that work.

Challenging barrier you overcame

I’ve already mentioned it, but my biggest barrier was my preconceived notions about strength training, in general. For me, it had always revolved around bottom-barrel gym memberships, homogenized training methods, and machines that never felt productive to use.

Since I started strength-training at RS, I’ve come to enjoy it—even look forward to it as often as I can, week to week.

Tom working on battle ropes. 

Greatest achievement  

It might sound like a cliché, but my greatest achievement has been finding a program that feels consistently great to apply myself toward; something I look forward to every time I have a training session scheduled. More than that, it’s a program that yields results I can see and feel—progress I can measure without even stepping on a scale.

Me reaching 12,500 feet elevation at West Maroon Pass, above Crested Butte, Colorado! This 8.5 mile hike felt great after several months training at RS.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Either my greater day-to-day energy or the subtle increases in muscle definition throughout my upper body—exactly the areas I wanted to work on.

I’m a writer by passion and profession—it requires a lot more energy, focus, and commitment than most realize. On top of that, I work a day job that keeps me on my feet, too. No matter what type of work, I’ve had more energy and better focus for it, every day.

The person who can best attest to my greater day-to-day energy and mobility is my partner, Krystl!

What do you tell people about our training

Don’t balk at the cost of the training programs—Tyler’s and William’s expertise are far and away worth it, and your body deserves such tailored and specific attention.

As someone that felt like he was working against his own health whenever he went to a gym before, I’d suggest finding something more holistic and individual, which is exactly what Restored Strength offers.

What do you enjoy about our training here 

This could be a long list, but I’ll highlight one important factor—all the work I do uses free weights and my own body weight. There are no machines in sight, so I never feel like I’m working for a machine, as opposed to working for my own body.

Essentially—no steps back; only forward.\

Three Benefits You’ve Noticed

1. I have more energy throughout the day! Obviously this has been a benefit to my day-to-day living, but my productivity in general has improved as a result.

2. I actually look forward to my sessions at RS—they’re a highlight of my week, and that’s a feeling I’ve never had with any other program.

3. In addition to actively training twice a week, I’m learning more about how to keep my body healthy through better movement and habits.

Thom working on his bench press. 

What Makes the Difference

Unlike every other training program or fitness plan I’ve tried, Tyler and William’s work with me at Restored Strength has felt comprehensive and honest. Other fitness plans have felt like gimmicks—unsustainable efforts that revolve around a particular movement or exercise, or the omission of part of a balanced diet. William and Tyler provide well-rounded training and advice about exercise techniques and personal health. It’s been the only plan that feels right to me, and the only one to feel sustainable, long-term.

Additional Words

I can’t recommend Restored Strength enough. William and Tyler’s training has been life-changing, all for the better. I look forward to many months of continued work with them, and the rest of the RS Rebells!

Training Tom and helping him improve his health has been an amazing experience. The numerous amount of goals we have set and achieved together will always make me proud to work with him. He would not have the improvement of his strength, movement, and overall health without his great effort and determination.

Watch his story!

Rebell of the Month: Ryley Serreyn

We are very proud to announce that our July Rebell of the Month is Ryley Serreyn!! Ryley has been training with us since June of last year, when he started with our first summer athlete program. Ryley has been consistent with his training year-round and has committed himself to exceling as an athlete. Ryley is no stranger when it comes to putting in the work to accomplish his goals. We are excited to share with you his story!

Your Background

My name is Ryley Serreyn, I am 17 years old and I love to be outdoors and play sports! I never really trained much before I came to Restored Strength. I could condition and stuff for hockey, but would never really be in the weight room lifting or doing anything like that. I was always very intimated by the weight room because there were always going to be people there lifting more than me and make me look bad. So, I never really liked going to the weight room whether it was at the YMCA or the high school.

Semi finals at GAC last year against LDC 

Thoughts about strength training before & after

Before I started working at Restored Strength, I didn’t feel the intimidation about lifting there as I did in the weight room in other places. I was excited to start and make the first step towards becoming a better athlete. After I started working there William quickly taught me and it doesn’t matter if someone can lift more than me. Everyone starts somewhere and he was going to get me bigger and stronger so I can keep up with some of the other people around me. I loved the environment at Restored Strength, we take our training seriously but we also like to joke around and have a good time while we are doing so.

Challenges you overcame

One of the hardest things I had to overcome when I started was getting up early in the mornings. It is something I still have to overcome yet this day. Getting up at 5:30AM during the summer was rough. But getting up going and working in the end was so rewarding. Over time you realize that without sacrifice there will be no victory, even if those sacrifices are an hour of sleep. But getting up that early has started to become a habit and gets easier and easier as you go on. Don’t get me wrong I have my days but powering through them can be very rewarding.

Ryley working on his bench press

Greatest achievement

My greatest achievement at Restored Strength is probably the progress I have made with my lifting. Starting at Restored Strength I could barely do a pull up, and now they come easy to me. Working here has made my form so much better when lifting and most importantly it has made me a better athlete. In the end that is what I started at Restored Strength for and that is definitely what I got out of it. It helps your physical game as well as your mental game, my confidence has greatly boosted since I have been working at Restored Strength. So, I would say my greatest achievement is the athlete that I have become today.

Changes your family/friends noticed

There have been a couple things they have noticed lately. My arms have gotten bigger. I am a lot faster than I used to be. They also notice out on the ice when I am playing hockey, that I am faster on the ice and more explosive. I have also slimmed out a lot while working at Restored Strength. My family has commented on many things about me that have improved over the vast time of me working at Restored Strength.

My parents and I at parents night

What do you tell people about our training

I would tell them about the very friendly environment there. I would also tell them about how cool William and Tyler are, they really want to push you to be your best and make sure that you are getting the most out of the training they give you. They really care about you and your progress. If you come to Restored Strength you will no doubt see results. They are not going to come over night but they will be there. Every time you step into the gym you are going to become a better athlete. William and Tyler will make sure of that.

Working on mobility

What do you enjoy about our training here

What I enjoy most at Restored Strength is the atmosphere there. We get work done when we are there but we also like to have a lot of fun and joke around. William and Tyler are not just my coaches but they are my friends as well. They are very cool guys and they care about your well-being in and outside of the gym. I also enjoy being able to go and lift with some of my friends from the hockey team. Most of the time of me being at Restored Strength I have been I there doing a hockey program with some of the guys from the team and I enjoy that a lot. Being there with friends and teammates is always a good time.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. My motivation. I have been more motivated to get up in the mornings and go work out than ever before. It also helps with other aspects of your life and makes you more motivated to do those things. I have also been more motivated lately to eat better. William has really emphasized my nutrition because he knows that it is going to help me make more gains.
  2. My ability on the ice. Working at Restored Strength helps you gain the muscle, but also the mobility. I am a goalie so I have to be able to stretch and move in a lot of weird ways you could say. I work in a small portion of the ice so I need to be explosive and fast when I am moving so I can get in a position to make a save. William and Tyler have for sure helped me become a lot faster and they have helped me get quicker while moving in the net.
  3. The will power to be able to push myself. I am joining the U.S. Army when I graduate high school so I will need to learn how to push myself and not give up when I go there. William and Tyler always make sure you are pushing yourself and when you are conditioning they will make sure you are working to the best of your ability and giving it your all.

    After a 3rd place finish at the Schawan’s Cup

 What makes the difference

William and Tyler really pay good attention to detail. If you are doing something wrong they are going to tell you so you can fix it instead of creating a bad habit. They will not just tell you what to do and leave you to do it by yourself. They are going to show you how to do it and make sure you understand what you are gaining from it and what muscle group you are working and such. Also, the resets are life changing I never knew anyone else that could do resets and I had never heard of them before restored strength but they do work like a charm.

Watching Ryley build his strength and size over the past year has been extremely rewarding. His commitment to himself is an honorable characteristic he has to show. We are very proud of Ryley and his success here at Restored Strength. Ryley has gone above and beyond of what has been expected from him, he is a true dedicated athlete.

Watch his story!

Rebell of the Month: Sheryl Kaiser

We are excited to announce that Sheryl Kaiser is our June Rebell of the Month! Sheryl is an amazing person with a strong motivation, and great personality. She has never shied away from the challenges she has been given from our programs. One thing Sheryl has done that has intrigued us the most here at Restored Strength, she always tried her hardest every set and rep. With that said, her hard work and attitude has helped her earn the praise of Rebell of the Month! We are excited to share her story with you!

My husband, Dan and I at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA.

Your Background

I am a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher but most importantly at this time in my life I am a survivor.

Let me explain that. In March of 2014 my life hit its lowest level. I developed what is called necrotizing fasciitis commonly known as flesh-eating disease. It is an infection that results in the death of the body’s soft tissue. It is a severe disease of sudden onset that spreads quickly.

From me working on Friday, to not being able to stay awake on Saturday with a severe backache, I was airlifted to Avera Sioux Falls on Sunday and by Tuesday afternoon they had to amputate my right leg to save my life. In just a handful of days my life changed DRASTICALLY! The doctors told my family I only had a 20% chance of survival even with the leg being amputated.

I suppose you could count my one-month rehab stay in the hospital as my only real prior training. However, that was learning to sit up on my own, stand on my own while holding on to the parallel bars and using a slide board to get from my bed to wheelchair. Heck, even learning to use my wheelchair was a challenge.

After four total months hospitalized I returned home the day before my 57th birthday. I vowed to do everything I could to not let this handicap define who I am as a person!

Thoughts about strength training before & after

My first thought when I heard about Restored Strength was there is NO WAY I could do that with one leg. However, a good friend of mine was attending and I was inspired by her to at least give it a try.

When I meet William and Tyler they both welcomed me with open arms and promised they could definitely work with me regardless of my handicap. They encouraged me to at least give it a try for three months and see how much progress I could make. At that point, decide if Restored Strength was the fit for me. Well, guess what…after three months I signed up for another three months!

Tyler is my coach and he started me where I was at physically. We have progressed so much together that some days I even surprise myself.

Performing a Paloff Press 

Challenging barrier you overcame

First, I had to get myself through the front door to even visit with William about the possibility of working with them. That took guts for me, as I was very unsure of my potential and myself.

Secondly, I had to make myself realize that working out at Restored Strength was a personal goal each and every visit. I did not need to worry about the other people working out at much higher levels as myself. There is no comparison made between the individuals working out. We are each there for our own benefit.

Greatest achievement

I truly believe my greatest achievement thus far at Restored Strength is the belief I have of my own potential.

I am gaining strength with operating my wheelchair. I am able to transfer myself from the floor to my wheelchair, which I hadn’t been able to do by myself. That is important when you are a grandmother and want to be on the floor playing with your grandchildren.

With the added strength in my left leg I am able to stand for longer periods of time, for example, at the kitchen sink, in church, etc.

Changes your family/friends noticed

The most significant change comment from my family has come from my son, Mike, who sees me only once in awhile as he lives in Savage. He has commented on my weight loss and strength each time I have seen him. He continues to encourage me to keep it up!

Over Memorial Day, I even got into the grandkids’ swimming pool. I was able to get in and out with very little help. The grandkids were thrilled to see how big of splash they could make on Grandma.

My husband, Dan, is very glad I can get myself into my wheelchair now so he doesn’t have to pick me up off the floor.

My husband, Dan, and I with our three grandchildren, Brady, Kylie and Zoey.

What do you tell people about our training

I have told many people about my Restored Strength experience. I encourage them to check it out for themselves. William and Tyler are amazing to work with and are so supportive of your efforts each and every time you work out with them. They tailor your program specifically for you and the goals you are trying to reach. There is no comparison between you and others when it comes to your abilities.

What do you enjoy about our training here

I love the fact I am doing something good for myself. I am pushing myself to get stronger and more flexible. I am living up to the vow I made to myself and family not to let this handicap define me.

I look forward to my two weekly sessions with Tyler. He is so encouraging and supportive that I feel like I have my own personal cheerleader……”Great job”, “You can do it”, “Wow! Look what you just did, etc.

When working out with two or three other people in the room it isn’t a big deal. They are doing their program and I am doing mine. It is like you are the only person in the room. Except there is an overall family feeling.

Working on some rocking 

3 benefits you’ve noticed

My life has definitely improved since beginning my workouts at Restored Strength. Choosing three benefits is easy….

  1. I believe in my own strength and physical capabilities. I use to be very self-conscience of my amputation and now I just shrug it off as what is and who cares. I am Sheryl and I will live my life to the fullest.
  2. I am doing something very healthy for my body. In addition to the actual training I am drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables. I have really turned away from processed foods. Eat fresh!
  3. I am working so hard to be able to finally use my artificial right leg without a walker. You would have to see this contraption to believe it. Since I have no leg bone at all to attach it to I have to use a ‘bucket’ type apparatus to sit in, cinch it tight against my waist, and then try to balance, let alone walk. I have only been able to use it with a walker or with a person on each side of me. This is my next major training task.

What makes the difference

I can’t say I’ve ever really trained anywhere else. I have been a YMCA member and tried Anytime Fitness and other Fitness locations, but just didn’t seem to fit in. While these are other great places the individual help I needed wasn’t there.

The fact that I could work one on one with someone who could program exercises specifically for me week by week and see my growth was the reason I joined Restored Strength.

A picture of myself while at Limb Lab while getting my artificial leg fitted.

Additional words

I could be so bitter about what happened to me physically back in 2014, but I am not bitter. I have helped welcome two new granddaughters since my illness. My daughter is getting married the end of June. I have great family and friends that have supported me throughout these last four years. BUT, I am here!!!

William and Tyler have been added to this group of family and friends. Let them help you realize some of your dreams. If the one-legged lady can find success with these gentlemen just THINK what they can do for you!

Helping Sheryl set goals and achieve them one after another has been amazing to say the least. The times Sheryl and I have spent training together have always been positive. Sheryl has always looked at things with a positive mindset, and can do anything she is motivated to do.

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Rebell of the Month: Savannah Marks

It’s honor to announce that Savannah is our Rebell of the Month for May!! Savannah is one hard working rebell! She is always looking forward to a new challenge and is willing to take on any new task we give to her. Savannah has been working very hard these last few months and has made significant strides in her strength. We are excited to share with you her story!

Your Background

I had never trained before coming to Restored Strength, but had always wanted to get involved in some strength training. I started coming here because I wanted help getting ready for Basic Training this summer. My brother had trained here a little before me and that was how I found out about it.

A mud run I did last year with the Air Force

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I was super hesitant about getting a trainer before I came to Restored Strength because it was super out of my comfort zone. Once I started, I was super happy that I finally decided to go through with getting a trainer. Now I am super comfortable with everyone there. I’m glad I decided to up my strength before I went to basic and definitely think it’s going to help.

Challenging barrier you overcame

My biggest barrier at first was getting out of my comfort zone. Once I realized the kind environment I was in, I got a lot more comfortable because I knew no one was judging each other and William is always very encouraging, which was always the biggest help of all.

Greatest achievement

One of my greatest achievements has been becoming more confident with myself and my body. Another one would be improving my pull ups. One of my biggest achievements would be not giving up on myself. I used to be super hard on myself and I still am, just not as much as I was before.

All the military kids run at the end after all the civilians have ran. I was the only Air Force and only girl. My team was 4 army guys, 1 marine, and me.

Changes your family/friends noticed

I have noticed some changes in the looks of my arms and legs. I have also noticed the shoulder area on my shirts have gotten a bit smaller. I’ve noticed that I don’t get as tired as I used to when doing workouts, it takes a lot more to tire me out. I get really used to certain weights, so I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how much I am able to handle in terms of strength.

Working on barbell squats.

What do you tell people about our training

If I was to tell a friend about Restored Strength I would tell them that they should not have any uncertainty about going here. The environment is great, the people are nice and the trainers are awesome. You will never feel out of place or like anyone is judging you. William does a great job encouraging you and always pushing you to the best of your ability.

What do you enjoy about our training here

Personally, what I like most is working with William. He is so encouraging, especially when I am hard on myself. His constant reminders of just coming and talking with me and telling me what an awesome job I’m doing is what keeps me doing so well. I remember one day I was super hard on myself about my pull-ups and he told me, “Take your winnings. You’re doing great.” Now every day I train all I think is, take your winnings.

In the mountains is when I flew out to Colorado last summer and visited my little cousins. Callie, Colby, and Cassidy.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I have noticed is that doing different types of physical activity has been so much easier. Some things that were so hard before are now so easy.
  2. I’ve noticed a lot more definition in my body. It is a slow process to get where you want in terms of the look of your body, but slowly and surely, it’ll get there.
  3. I’ve become a lot more confident with myself. Not only just in ways that my body has more definition to it, but I have been more encouraging with myself.

    Savannah working kettlebell jerks. 

What makes the difference

I have not worked with other trainers, but I can say I would not want a different trainer than the one I have now. That’s one reason I am not looking forward to leaving this summer. William has made coming to the gym the highlight of my days.

Additional words

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with William. This is one thing I will dearly miss when I leave in the summer.

It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to be working with Savannah. Seeing her break out of her shell and crush her goals has been so rewarding. I always look forward to our training sessions because of the amount of fun we get to have. Savannah is a dedicated to her goals and goes the extra mile to achieve them.

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Rebell of the Month: Dave Verkinderen

We are very excited to announce that Dave is our rebell of the month for April!! Dave has been a member for 6 months now and has made some great progress towards his goals. Dave comes in with a great attitude and is ready to concur the day when he steps foot into the gym! We are excited to share with you his story!

Dave and his family at their lake home.

 Your Background

Very limited in recent years…many hours of basketball, baseball, and biking over the years!

Thoughts about strength training before & after  

I had recent hip replacement surgery and ongoing lower back issues. I met William through his previous employment and based on that I knew I need to get serious if I was going to live the life I wanted to. My thoughts about training have remained the same…I enjoy it but rarely have the self-discipline to stay with it.

Dave working on his anti-rotation hold.

Challenging barrier you overcame

Just getting started and staying with the plan even though my fitness had deteriorated to a poor level after surgery.

Greatest achievement

The ability to get back on the basketball court and play two consecutive rounds of golf without significant pain.

Dave working on his kettlebell deadlifts.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Not many yet. My immediate family has been impressed by my discipline to stay with the plan. My co-workers were very surprised by my ability to do a two-minute plank at a company event.

What do you tell people about our training

For me it has been life changing and creates discipline I have not been able to maintain on my own. The workouts are unique and different than anything I have done in the past.

The family and I at the Grand Canyon.

What do you enjoy about our training here

Great people and the results I am experiencing.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

1.Pure Strength
2. Flexibility
3. Conditioning

I’m feeling better each month.

The family and I in Hawaii. 

What makes the difference

I have not really tried other programs other than my own workouts these are much more diverse in nature.

Additional Words

William and Tyler are great to work with and I plan to continue with the program for many years. They keep it fresh and motivating.

Dave always comes in with a bright smile and a cheerful attitude towards his session. It is always a pleasure being able to get caught with him on sports, family life, and his traveling. Dave has had some setbacks due to some pervious injuries, but has always came back stronger than before each time. Dave is a hardworking member and continues to push himself towards better health.


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Rebell of the Month: Saara Raappana

We are very excited to share with the world that Saara is our #rebell of the month for March! Saara has been working hard and giving her goals everything that she has and has been crushing it! Saara comes in with such a great spirit to each session, even on days we train a little earlier than usual ;). We are excited to share with you her story! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.38.06 PM
Saara working on her kettlebell swings. 

Your background

Growing up, I was the opposite of athletic. I was uncoordinated; I got injured a lot; and I was the girl that no one wanted when we were picking teams in gym. I didn’t just get picked last—people would fight over who had to take me. So, I’ve always felt pretty scared of/alienated from sportsy/exercisey pursuits. When I was 36, we moved to rural southwestern China, and the lifestyle there is so active that I ended up developing a few muscles by accident, and when we came back to America, I started working out pretty regularly to try to maintain that muscle. I never really liked it, though, and I always found it confusing. How do people know where to put their limbs? Is there such a thing as too sweaty? Can you die from using your arms too much?

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.37.23 PM.png
Working on the Turkish Get Up.

 Thoughts about strength training before & after

Beforehand, I actually liked weight-lifting more than any other kind of exercise, but I also thought of it as sort of a guilty pleasure that I snuck in while I was cheating on cardio. Also, I’d never had anyone actually tell me how to do it, so I hurt myself a few times. Now that I’ve been training at Restored Strength, I legit *love* it, and rather than hurting me, it seems to have taken away the pain in my knees and hips/back.


Challenging barrier you overcame

Apparently, I’m terrified of jumping up onto a box…? But I’d never had a reason to do it before, so I had no idea, and the fear came as a legit surprise to me the first time William asked me to do it. I don’t know if I’ve totally overcome that barrier yet, but I’ve been practicing it and no longer feel like I’m going to have a heart attack before I do it, I know I will overcome it. Just knowing I can overcome it is a big deal.

Me on the day that my Uncle George finally let me use the augur.

Greatest achievement

The greatest thing is that I’m not in daily pain anymore. I’ve got trouble with both knees (multiple dislocations because my kneecaps sit too high) as well as my hips/lower back (hyper flexible SI joint). Before coming to Restored Strength, I’d been in pain almost daily for maybe 15-20 years. When I first talked to William about my goals, my #1 goal was to be in less pain so that I could be more active as I age, but I didn’t think it was possible to not have at least some pain every day. But after just maybe three weeks, both my knee and back pains were gone. I can now bend and go up stairs, and lift things and go on car trips, and I’m FINE. I forgot to bring Advil on a work trip recently, and I freaked out at first out of habit, but then I realized I didn’t even need it.

Also, OMG, you should see my thigh muscles. I don’t think I’ve ever had quads before.

Changes your family/friends noticed

Apparently I’m more cheerful…? At least my husband says so. J I struggle with depression and anxiety, and my symptoms for both have lessened—the depression especially. My husband has noticed that I’m less afraid of injuring myself, too. Before, I felt like I’d get one or two weeks of regular work-outs in before I’d hurt my knee or my back. I haven’t hurt myself at all since starting at Restored Strength. Plus, I have more energy, and I feel comfortable in my body for probably the first time. Most importantly, I can pick up all the stuff in the house that my husband used to have to pick up for me. In your face, Eric.

Me and Eric (husband) and our cats, Quintron and Fred.

What do you tell people about our training

One of the best things about training at Restored Strength is that they’re really good about getting to know who you are and what you want to achieve and then taking you through a program in a way that you, specifically, need to do it. They’re really good at explaining stuff in a way that I can actually relate to as a non-fitnessy person, which is the mark of really good teaching. I’ve always thought about working out as necessary confusion and suffering, but at Restored Strength, they seem to focus on teaching me the right way to do an exercise and then have me do that exercise a manageably difficult number of times. Things increase so gradually that it’s really not like suffering at all. It’s fun. Also, instead of shaming you for eating candy, William will ask you which kind is your favorite.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.36.31 PM
Working on split squats.

What do you enjoy about our training here

Everybody’s so nice and fun! The trainers and the trainees both. I’ve worked out with people all over the fitness spectrum, and unlike other gyms and fitness classes I’ve been to, everyone feels really equal and totally non-judgey. Plus, a lot of people have pets, and I get to hear about them. Sometimes there are pictures. It’s cool.

3 benefits you’ve noticed

1I’m not in pain anymore! I used to spend 3-4 nights a week just icing my back—I have so much more time for other projects now.
2. I no longer feel like I’m going to die if I don’t take a nap at 3pm.

3. I’ve started eating healthier, but, like, in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m subsisting on sticks and unseasoned grass. I’ve been enjoying vegetables and water and stuff. It’s weird but good

Gym aftermath.

What makes the difference

I’ve never worked with another trainer, but I’ve done other fitness plans. Like, a bunch of them—running, weight machines, HIIT, yogalates, this weird routine with an inflatable ball, etc. I liked some of them okay, but I didn’t feel jazzed about any of them. And I was probably doing most of them wrong, because YouTube videos and the diagrams on gym equipment never answered my questions about form, no matter how politely I asked. But I did them pretty regularly 3-5 times a week for four years. In less than three months at Restored Strength, I’m working out for less time per week, but I’m now stronger, more energetic, and more pain-free than I’ve ever been before. Also, William is a much better conversationalist than YouTube videos.

Additional words

I can do cardio without running! I can do cardio without running! I can do cardio without running!


Saara has overcome so much in her short time at Restored Strength. It’s been amazing to see her excel in her strength and also her confidence. Saara takes the time to master her technique with her close attention to detail. There is nothing but great energy when she is in the room, Saara has such a unique background and similar interests, that she was made to be a part of our RS Family.


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Rebell of the Month: Deb Schroeder

Deb is greatly deserving to have the title Rebell of the Month for February! Deb has shown to be very reliable and has given her full effort every training session to help accomplish her goals. Deb has achieved many goals since she has started here at Restored Strength. She has gained strength and mobility in all movements and areas on her body. Deb is now able to do Goblet Squats from starting and working from bodyweight box squats! We are excited to share with you her story!

Brian & I with our kids Christopher, Tiffany and Marrisa.

Your background

I have never been one to work out or do anything as far as exercise. Working with a trainer was something I never thought I would be doing.

Thoughts about strength training before & after

I first met with William in March 2017. At that point, I wasn’t positive I could make the commitment to train. I decided I need to prove to myself first that I could stick with something. I started adjusting my diet-gave up my Pepsi which anyone that knows me, knows that was hard and started walking almost daily. By September I had lost 50 lbs but still didn’t like where I was at and went back to meet with William and to start training.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.20.16 AM
Deb working on her single leg reach. 

Challenging barrier you overcame

That I could do it and even do things I have never done in my life or things I thought would never be in my vocabulary.

Greatest achievement

Getting past that I couldn’t do this—didn’t have a lot of faith in myself at first. 

Changes your family/friends noticed

Your attitude!! You genuinely seem more happy, peppy, and overall confident in yourself! We noticed your determination and self-confidence right away. Your attitude and you’re a lot more confident in yourself.

Our family Marissa, Sophie, Abby, Parker, Christopher, Me, Hunter, Logan, Brian & Matt.

What do you tell people about our training

That Tyler and William cater your training to what you want to accomplish. They have very flexible training as people can’t always do a certain time every week.

What do you enjoy about training here

Tyler and William are always positive they encourage you with even the little accomplishments. They are always willing to adjust your workout depending on things going on. It is a very non-judgmental environment.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.21.07 AM
Deb working on her mobility.

 3 benefits you’ve noticed

 1. Loss of inches-even clothes I had gotten when first starting training fit differently.

2. Overall strength-just moving has become so much easier.

3. I just feel better-more energy-all of these have made me have more confidence in myself.

What makes the difference

I had never worked with a trainer or had even given it a thought before. Only thing I had ever tried was some aerobic training in my 20s and I really didn’t stick with it didn’t see much results.

Brian and I are your typical high school “sweethearts”. We have been married for 34 years.

With the stress of everyday life, Deb always finds the strength to battle the negatives and crush her goals one day at a time. Working with Deb to help get her increase strength, mobility, and overall health, has been very uplifting. She has also lost a good amount of body fat percentage and has increased her muscle tone. With all of the things Deb has shown here at Restored Strength, she has earned the honor to be Rebell of the Month!


Watch her story! 


Rebell of the Month: Leanna Olsem

Leanna is our Rebell of the month for December! Leanna always walks in with a big smile on her face and ready to take on the day when she come in to our facility! Leanna is a hard working Rebell that has been committed to her goals since starting with us. We are excited to share with you her story!

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.03.17 PM
Leanna working on deadlifts.

Your background

Training is not a word I would have ever associated with myself. I was never interested in sports or anything athletic. I knew I needed to get to work on getting healthy though. As I’ve aged it has become easier to gain fat and harder to lose it. I did a bit of weight workouts at the high school when they started a program for women a number of years ago. I liked it, but the time of day wasn’t ideal. Then I started working out with a friend doing a kettlebell program on DVD’s. I felt good, but I hurt my shoulder from doing things incorrectly. My friend and my schedule had changed, so I fell out of the routine. Once I quit exercising, I felt tired, my muscles were always tight and I was gaining weight fast. I tried a personal trainer, but schedules again made working out sporadic. I was looking for a program that was convenient and fit my schedule and would hold me accountable to exercising regularly.


Thoughts about strength training before & after

My mom had, and some of my sisters have osteoporosis or the start of it. I knew strength training is a big help in fighting that. I was always intimidated when I would be working out around other, more athletic people. I don’t feel that at Restored Strength. Everyone is so very encouraging.

Challenging barriers you overcame

Being able to have a bigger range of motion has been huge in how I feel on an everyday basis. We travel most weekends and sitting in a car for long periods of time would make me so tight and my muscles would just ache. As I’ve been working out at Restored Strength I haven’t gotten so tight on those trips and if I do, the recovery seems faster.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.01.12 PM
Me with my husband, Doug. We’ve been married 35 years.

Greatest achievement

I don’t feel full of tight knots anymore and my flexibility has improved a lot since I began training. That’s been wonderful. I also love mastering the challenges that Coach William and Coach Tyler present me with. Who knew I could do real push-ups!

Changes your family/friends noticed

My clothes fit better and there’s a little more definition beginning to be noticeable in my arms and calves. I like that, but mostly I like feeling more energetic and only having good aches from pushing myself to get stronger.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.01.26 PM
Tasting cupcakes for Hayley’s upcoming wedding.

What do you tell people about our training

Coach William and Coach Tyler are so encouraging. They are very good at creating workouts at your individual level that challenge you just enough to drive you to succeed. They also watch closely so if you get lazy or forgetful on technique, they are right there to make sure you’re doing the moves correctly and safely. That said, the atmosphere is fun and friendly so you don’t feel intimidated.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.06.58 PM
Working on single leg flute bridges.

What do you enjoy about training here

 I like that we work on areas I feel the most in need. It’s a very tailored workout and I don’t have to compare or compete with anyone but myself. And the people are a lot of fun!

3 benefits you’ve noticed

  1. I have more energy since I began working out.
  2. I feel good and conquering new challenges.
  3. Confidence in myself.
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.00.59 PM
My Family: My husband, Doug and I in the middle. Our son, Ben with his wife, Carley and their
2 children, Our daughter Hayley and her fiancé, Jordan (kneeling), our daughter, Sara with her
husband, Cody and their 2 children.

What makes the difference

I like the smaller gym feel and how we get to know the people around us. I have confidence in Coach William and Coach Tyler as I see them constantly working on improving their training skills and passing that know-how onto us through their approach to our training.

 Leanna has well earned this title of being Rebell of the month! One of the greatest things about Leanna is her willingness to get out of her comfort zone and try new exercises. She has increased her strength significantly and is performing full push ups! It’s always a great time training with Leanna knowing that she is ready for anything we bring her way!

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