Small Group Training 

Pic for Team Training

At Restored Strength we utilize a system developed around Small Group Training. This will be no more than 4 people per coach. This will allow you to grow and obtain your goals with the support of those around you.

Everyone will be working towards bettering themselves with you. This will allow for more flexibility with busy schedules, allows for training partners, and friends and family to join the movement of getting healthier.

You are not entitled to work with other clients every training session or are required to have someone help fill in a spot. This is just allowing your training session to be shared with three other individuals. We do our best to accommodate our client’s schedules, training partners, etc.

Private Training

Cover Photo for Semi-Private Training

For those interested in working in private and maintaining a one- on-one relationship with one of our certified fitness professionals, we offer private training. With private training you will work solely with your coach and no one else.