Training at restored strength
Pic for Team Training

Have you had some bad experiences with fitness centers in the past? Where the instructor didn’t know your name or goals, the exercises were too advanced for you, and it felt like everyone was judging you? That’s the complete opposite of what you will experience at Restored Strength.

Our training sessions are designed for every level of fitness, from beginner to advanced. Sessions are designed for losing fat, building strength, increasing mobility, improving balance, and keeping your joints healthy. We’ll help you get in the best position for your level of activity to be successful and injury-free. We won’t break you down. We will only build you up!

We’re all about community! You’ll never meet a stranger at RS. You’ll never be judged. Our coaches are committed to your success and will personalize each exercise specifically for you. We pride ourselves in having the most welcoming fitness community you’ll meet.

We have a variety of membership options designed to fit your needs and budget.

FREE one-week trial

Come see what we’re all about! You’ll get: 

· a movement screening and goal-setting session with our head coach: Do you want to get stronger? Leaner? Relieve pain or weakness from an injury or condition? We want to get to know you so we can help. ($100 value)

· a one-on-one training session with our head coach that focuses on your needs and goals— to put you in the best position to be successful ($100 value)

· two training sessions ($72 value)

· FOR FREE with no commitment necessary

one-month trial

Get to know us better at a low price! You’ll get EVERYTHING IN THE FREE WEEK, PLUS:

· personalized instruction, attention, and encouragement from our friendly, expert coaches who are committed to your success

· a booklet to keep track of your exercise blocks, variations, and progress

· the chance to become a part of our awesome community of Rebells

full membership

Our most popular option.

· ongoing support from our coaches and staff in achieving your specific, clearly articulated goals in and out of the gym

· a state-of-the-art, customized series of training programs that run in blocks based on your body’s seasonal needs

· membership in our exclusive Facebook group where we post supplemental health and fitness information, exclusive how-tos and tips–plus memes, jokes, and support from our members and staff