Small Group TrainingPic for Team Training

Are you a fan of group fitness classes, but have had some bad experiences with them in the past? Where the instructor doesn’t know your name or goals, the exercises are too advanced for you, and it feels like everyone is judging you? That’s the complete opposite of what you will experience at Restored Strength.

Our classes are designed for everyone at every level of fitness, from beginner to advance.
Classes are designed for fat loss, building strength, increasing mobility, improved balance, and keeping your joints healthy. We’ll help you get in the best position for your level of activity to be successful and injury free. We won’t break you down, we will only build you up!

Another thing that we are all about is community! You’ll never be judged or meet a stranger atRS. Our coaches are committed you your success and will personalize each exercise for you. We pride ourselves in having the most welcoming fitness community you’ll meet. This is done in a setting of four to six people.

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This is for those who are wanting/needing more individual attention. In this hour you will be working on your own individualized program, with exercises prescribed specifically for you. This will be done in a semi-private setting, where you will be sharing your hour with up to three other members.