Social-Distancing Workout One!

Start with The Warm-Up!

We are going with a traditional style of training here. You have freedom to modify the sets and reps if you like. Don’t push it too hard! If you want us to review any techniques please let us know.

A1. Kettlebells Swings 3x 10
A2. Shoulder Tap Planks 3x 6-8
A3. Active Straight Leg Raise 3x 5/

B1. Goblet Squat 3x 10-12
B2. One Arm Row 3x 10-12
B3. YTW 3x 6

C1. Push Ups 2x 4-8 reps
C2. Single Leg Glute Bridge 2x 6-8

D1. Power Cleans: 6-8 mins, :20-:25 sec of work, :40-35 sec rest.

Now do The Cool-Down!

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