Restored Strength prides itself on friendliness, goal-setting, program-building, and giving helpful and effective advice on nutrition and strength training. This page showcases the reviews of happy members at Restored Strength:

“I had always thought in order to be a better runner I just needed to run more…push myself harder. I was wrong. I wasn’t giving my body the nutrition it needed to exert so much energy and I was doing more harm then good. Insert William @ Restored Strength….I started with a kettlebell class and loved it! We talked about my running and he asked what my goals were. He was truly interested in what made me happy with fitness. William created a lifting program specifically for me to use with my running goals in mind. He helped me to find the right nutrition program to follow to go with the lifting and running I was doing. I was able to decrease my half marathon time on a specific course by 7 minutes!! Thank you so much!! I highly recommend!!!” -Jennifer Sneller

“Will is such a genuine person who truly cares about you and your goals. He’s so intelligent and informative, his delivery of information is precise and despite being so knowledgeable, he’s approachable, grounded and continuously brings a new perspective to each conversation. He’s one of the best influences in my life and one of my best friends- he’s completely changed my life and I’m so fortunate to know him! I highly recommend him and his services, he customizes programs/movements and takes into considerations your likes and dislikes, as well as outside factors in your life.” -Madison Lutgen

“William has been putting together programs for me for the past couple years, and I love them. Typically I just lift and I’ll hit plateaus, he’s helped me get over those plateaus by mixing in some different type of workouts and some functional strength as well. Pretty much I just tell him what my goals are and he will put together something to help me reach my goals, he’s also taught me a lot about nutrition which is something I always overlooked! Going to hit the gym with him tomorrow and looking forward to it.” -Shawn Neu

“When you want to be pushed but also want to be mechanical sound, William is your man! He’s going to give you what your body NEEDS. The energy in the room is always amplified by his enthusiasm & I look forward to working with Will to fix a lot of my weaknesses, as well as building on a lot of what I have started already.” -Troy Deutz

“Will is a mastermind when it comes to the human body. Period.” -Taylor JayBones